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Effectiveness of Social Media Hiring

With the changing times, social media recruitment plays a vital role in hiring the right talent from the plethora of candidates. While still, many companies have not embraced social media recruitment. Social media is a platform where working professionals shares their idea, opinions and interacts with each other. They converse with fellow professionals and learn new things.

The social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are places where recruiters find quality candidates which they wouldn’t have found through traditional methods.

Some of the effective recruiting strategies that organizations follow are:

1. Promote the culture of the organization – Social media platform goes beyond sharing job openings. Companies promote their culture on this platform, showcasing the events and how it is a great place to be and this attracts talent. Culture has a vital role to play in terms of attracting talent apart from compensation and job profile.

2. Power Users of Social Media – Every company has few power users of social media platforms, involving and encouraging them to share the organization’s brand on their page does help in a great way. They can also share the job openings, celebrations, and other major events of the organization on their page in a responsible way. This would help other talents in their connections to be curious about the organization and will be attracted to work for.

3. Participation in the relevant group – While recruiting through social media it is imperative to be part of relevant groups where candidates share their ideas, discuss and share their opinions with like-minded people. These are also the place where specific candidates can be found for the organization who might not be available in the traditional sites.

4. Growing Networks- With more social media presence organizations can also tap on the talents who follow their corporate accounts and recruiters grow their person-to-person connections through their social media handles.

The effectiveness of social media recruitment can also be found as:

  1. Through social media, recruiters can reach out to passive candidates who are passionate about their job, the creative work they have done previously and shared in their social media handle.

  2. Recruiters can find about a candidate’s attitude through the way they behave on their social media pages. It also helps to determine whether the candidate will be a good addition or not.

  3. This also helps organizations to save money if not promoting job openings through paid campaigns else it is free to recruit through connections or references.

Though every company has different social media hiring strategies and what works for one company may not work for the other. Hence, the companies using social media to hire quality talent should carefully craft their strategies.

Author- Moumita Ray

Moumita Ray is a human resource leader with rich experience in designing & developing strategies, processes, enhancing capabilities, and building a culture to help businesses achieve their excellence.


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