About Us

HRST 19th Strings Meet: Experienced HR professionals & managers meet for the 19th HRST Strings Meet

Who we are

HR SUCCESS TALK is a 9-year-old community of 1,25,000 HR professionals and business leaders (and growing) who come together to learn from each other and discuss/ share talent and business-related matters.

What we do

Our objective is to connect HR professionals across the world to make them better professionals every day. This platform shares ideas through social media and brings people together who have an interest in talent management, people management, and organizational development practices. We bring our community together by conducting

  • Events

  • Webinars

  • Conferences

  • Assessments.

We share HR expertise, case studies, and articles that trend globally. Our learning ecosystem is built around our webinar, youtube Channel, HR Forum, Website, Blogs, Online assessments and Certifications with a strong presence in social media.





What do we ultimately wish to become?


We wish to become a global platform for HR and Business Leaders to come together to share problems, solutions, best practices and learn from each other to build great workplaces in future.


What are we going to do to achieve this?

To bring HR and Business Leaders across the world together.

Image by Scott Graham

Founder's Message

"I deeply believe in continuous improvement by sharing knowledge and supporting people in elevating their professional life. 


HR SUCCESS TALK provides the platform to make this happen. Our learning eco system which includes our Website, Social Media Platforms, YouTube, HR Forum, Assessment and Certifications, HR Strings Meet and HR Awards are helping to achieve the vision of HR SUCCESS TALK.


I also believe that we can achieve a way more if all of us come together to achieve a common goal selflessly and this is what we wish to achieve through our HR community.”

Govind Singh Negi