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Annual  Tech HR Conference & Awards

HR SUCCESS TALK'S Annual HR Tech Conference and Awards, Edition 02 is a flagship program of HR SUCCESS TALK that happens every year around April. The theme of this year is "Bridging Minds–The Confluence of Human & Artificial Intelligence" and we are also celebrating TOP 100 HR LEADERS in Delhi NCR by recognising them during the event.

The theme of "Bridging Minds–The Confluence of Human & Artificial Intelligence" explores the intersection of human cognitive abilities and the capabilities of artificial intelligence systems. This theme delves into the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, highlighting how each can enhance the other's strengths. In this confluence, human creativity, intuition, and emotional intelligence complement AI's computational power, pattern recognition, and data processing capabilities. Together, they form a powerful synergy that drives innovation across various domains, from healthcare and education to finance and entertainment.

Our Esteemed Speakers

Amar Chaudhary_edited.jpg

Amar Chaudhary

Ashish Singh_edited_edited.jpg

Ashish Singh

Gaurav Pradhan_edited.jpg

Dr. Gaurav Pradhan


Puneet Chopra

Top 100 HR Leaders Awards (Delhi NCR)


  Aarti Marwaha  


  Ajay Yadav  


  Ajay Tanwar  

  Alvin David  

aman mahajan_edited.png

  Aman Mahajan  

amit arora_edited.png

  Amit Arora  


  Amit Trehan  


  Amitabh Sagar  


  Amulya Sah  


  Anant Mishra