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Role of Employee’s LinkedIn Profile

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

We all know having a LinkedIn profile is important. It is mostly being used for professional purposes. It is very relevant in today’s time when social media recruiting has taken a centre stage. One can highlight their expertise, education, and skillset in their professional networking site (LinkedIn). It helps one to seek new employment, network with industry leaders or peers and can create your own personal brand in the professional sphere. If one is a professional having a LinkedIn profile completes it.

While we know what we can do with having a LinkedIn profile. Let’s have a look at why it is essential or the role it plays to a professional.

Summary – LinkedIn allows writing a summary about you. It allows the reader whether a recruiter or other professional to know more about the person. Having more than mere job responsibilities can be written on LinkedIn to showcase your personality and what our expertise is. Similarly, in the experience section one can write the achievement and challenges faced during the tenure and how did you overcome them. Interested professionals can know and approach you for the right opportunities.

  • Job Board – LinkedIn is a powerful platform for job opportunities. It provides job searching individuals to look for opportunities. This platform also helps professionals to look for the job in the country and city of their choice. Even when individuals aren’t looking for opportunities, they can create job alerts so that they can get notifications on relevant job openings which might interest them. There are also various features that help individuals to look for opportunities and let recruiters know they are open for a job change.

  • Building Brand – A person can build their brand on LinkedIn. Writing short blogs, inspirational experiences relevant to your network, and the lesson learned from them are beneficial for the network. It also shows your expertise and knowledge in the area which is beneficial for career development.

  • Network – We all know in order to progress in our professional journey being well-networked plays a huge role. LinkedIn is a place where professionals can network and benefit from it. It also helps to tap on the network at the time of need like if your company is looking for some niche skill candidate and you have some in your network. It would help you to close the position. Similarly, instead of keeping a stack of visiting cards one can keep the contacts in their network and connect to them.

  • Industry Trend - One can enhance their learning from the industry leaders, groups, network connections, and news of companies you are following. Also, LinkedIn does offer many courses with certifications that can be added to your profile to get a better understanding of your expertise.

There are endless benefits from having a LinkedIn account, in today’s date it is the most powerful tool to learn, grow, network, and job search.

Author- Moumita Ray

Moumita Ray is a human resource leader with rich experience in designing & developing strategies, processes, enhancing capabilities, and building a culture to help businesses achieve their excellence.

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