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Submission Guidelines

Here are a few guidelines to activate our collaboration and increase the chances of your article getting published in a community of 1,00,000+ HR Professionals and Business Leaders:-

1. We would love it if you could send us a clear purpose and your idea behind the article that you’re going to submit. Kindly include the title and a 3 line summary along with it and send it on

2. Please send your favorite professional profile picture, a short (60-70 word) bio and a social media link. This will describe the brains and the author behind the article. You allow us to put this information along with your blog post


3. Kindly follow the word limit of 500- 600 words. Although we prefer having articles that have a format like this:- Introduction + Pointers + Conclusion, we’re open to new ideas.

4. You agree not to use the same content, including your own blog or Web site without crediting the HR SUCCESS TALK platform. You may, however, post a brief snippet or summary on your site that links to the HR SUCCESS TALK post. You are allowed to share it on your own social media platforms.


5. Please make sure to check the topics and read some previous posts to get a feel for our audience and to ensure you are not writing what has already been written.


6. We’ll review it, suggest any changes if needed and schedule it to publish.

7. We reserve the right to edit your submission.


8. Please ensure proper attribution of data, quotations, and outside content is referenced in the article.


9. Please attach images (we might change it). Please include a direct link for crediting if the image is not yours.

10. Make sure your post isn’t self-promotional; you are in service of the readers.

11. You are allowed to use one link that leads to your website.

12. Mention HR SUCCESS TALK in capital letters on all social media posts. In case the name is misspelled or written as ’hr success talk’, we request you to either take the post down or edit it immediately.

13. In case, you’re promoting HR SUCCESS TALK or naming us as a partner, it is expected that the party takes prior approval. Additionally, only the logo provided by our team can be used in documents and posts.

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