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Women for Women: Assuming the Role of an Enhancer

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Women have always played a defining role in the success of other women. Today, this role has redefined itself to be an ENHANCER – which not only maximizes their potential to have a far wider spectrum of impact but also has the responsibility to guide organizations to elevate their ecosystems for women to thrive. The ENHANCER thus, while shaping individuals, also shapes the organization’s VISION for DIVERSITY. 

One of the most important roles of an ENHANCER in guiding women is to break the cycle of the ASSUMED NARRATIVE. A narrative that unconsciously shapes the thinking around a woman’s capabilities. Women need to carve out, communicate and nurture a strong personal narrative for themselves. They need to be encouraged to appreciate and applaud their intrinsic qualities and utilize the power in them as differentiators. 

Furthermore, the ENHANCER guides organizations to ensure equal opportunities with no preconceived notions. They work towards creating an ecosystem free from inherent opinions of what women ‘can or cannot do’ and ‘should or should not do’. The ENHANCERS are responsible to call out these behaviors and guide them so that they can be addressed structurally before removing them from the environment. This would ensure that the ecosystem permeates all necessary practices which facilitate women to thrive. 

The other important role of an ENHANCER is to encourage women to break ‘The Vicious circle of Sacrificing’ for one over the other. It is important to think and practice abundance. Women are taught to be fine with not having it all and remain guilty or unsatisfied when making a choice.- which largely is between home and work.  The idea of living with and accepting constraints makes women overlook ways in which they can have it all and be satisfied at all fronts. It stops them from exploring and asking for support to manage all the ecosystems successfully.  Women need to learn to be caregivers and care getters at the same time. This reinforces the need for learning to ask for changes and not ‘wait for changes that are needed to maximize their potential thus having a far wider spectrum of impact. Our ecosystems are still learning and experimenting in this area, and thus the role of ‘ENHANCER’ in guiding and supporting to make them conducive is all the more crucial.

Simply put, women can really work with other women to ensure that they look up to their efforts ‘specially at home’ for their families. There are unique and differentiated skills that women develop by being homemakers. The thought which is in the works these days of having the period of a career break, being mentioned and highlighted as an experience in a woman’s career journey, is a great step in this direction. 

Another important role of the ‘ENHANCER’ is to provide guidance to the Organization in transiting from ‘The Intent to Outcome’. Supporting organizations to meaningfully and in a structured manner commit to specific goals and changes for diversity is extremely crucial for the thought to translate to a perceivable action. Needless to mention, the success of this transition is by not making this a woman council agenda, but an organizational tryst with a leadership commitment.  

Let’s make a commitment in 2021 to be enhancers for women and organizations, The impact and its surge can only be imagined if each one of us as ‘ENHANCERS’ makes this our motto.

A very Happy International Woman’s Day to all of you.

Author – Harshita Chaudhary, Senior Manager OD & Talent, Freshworks

Tata Institute of Social Sciences alumna with 12+ years of experience, across a wide industry spectrum. Currently, Harshita is the Organization Development and Talent Manager for Freshworks Technologies. In her role, she leads the portfolio with a focus on areas of Performance Management, Engagement, and Leadership Development, while also acting as an HR Leader. She has in-depth experience in establishing processes as well as scaling and strengthening existing processes. Previously she has held roles like Head of Talent, South Asian Region for Nestle, OD Leader in Honeywell, Learning and Development Head in Colgate Palmolive, also has wide experience as an HR Business Partner in organizations like Colgate and Cadbury (currently Mondelez).

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