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Metaverse For HR

Why does HR need metaverse?

The years 2020 and 2021 changed the future of work and introduced new debated topics into the digital world elevating the role of HR. This was the most challenging and exciting time for HR wherein they adapted and transformed their approaches and perspective to provide a hybrid workplace as the priority.

HR’s role moved from an inward-looking function to an outward-looking function making a shift towards a skills-based organization and being prepared for the future. While Industrial Revolution 4.0 or the Internet (IoT (Internet of things)) powered the way for new business models developing new relationships between the businesses and customers. The pandemic broke into new challenges of redefining the workplace and future skills and while we are still preparing for it, today’s most debated topic is still about the virtual workplaces and that is where Metaverse brings in a whole new paradigm.

What is Metaverse?

"Metaverse" is a set of virtual spaces where people can create vivid living experiences in real-time and explore with each other who are not in the same physical space as them. They can work together for work, play, learn, shop, and more without any restrictions. It is not about spending more time online but making the time you spend online more meaningful, providing opportunities for richer experiences by creating value.

In a simple context, Metaverse brings people together and helps them connect digitally.

How can HR unveil a whole new vision of the future of the workplace with the introduction of Metaverse?

While Metaverse is already here and expanding HR needs to understand how It can unveil the vision of the future of the workplace and improve the ability to collaborate, communicate, and connect remotely to brainstorm, work together on projects and presentations, or hear company/ team updates.

Companies continue to adopt innovative technologies, relooking, and adjusting their policies and procedures with employees at the forefront. Remote/Hybrid workplace continues to be the most argued topic in 2022, and this is what HR can begin with to understand how to bring its people together with Metaverse's ability to provide them with a comfortable workplace and enhanced experience each day to be able to attract, retain and develop talent in a remote/virtual environment.

Attracting Talent in the war of Talent:

Metaverse can go the extra mile in providing a unique experience of how the organization looks. For any new employee, witnessing a day at work, seeing past company events and other details can be an enriching and immersive experience. A prospective candidate too can meet up live with other employees or their recorded avatars and understand more about the company culture and values.

Virtual yet Real Conversations:

Metaverse can make interactions more inclusive, dynamic, and engaging with many add-ons, making it a perfect virtual platform solution for virtual conversations. Conversation can be scheduled anywhere in the world, giving the experience a massive boost.

Employee Recognition:

Recognition in metaverse helps you choose beyond the cliché options of providing vouchers, points, and likes. It provides an enriching experience by creating an employee’s profile, appearing on the team dashboard, where employees can shop “virtually” from the collected vouchers or could go on a holiday.

Employee Experience:

Imagine having a virtual off-site day with your whole team or some light stuff such as team yoga or mediation to start your day. Metaverse can enhance employee experience at every touchpoint such as interviews, onboarding, off-boarding, helpdesks, earnings, coaching, and more.

Metaverse is here already

Although remote work has allowed companies to embrace a workforce uninterrupted from geographic constraints, it has also made it difficult to attract & retain talent, especially if a company is not offering the proper tools.

Remote work only works if the organization sees value in collaboration and engagement among employees. If companies rely too heavily on the wrong tools, it can have a detrimental effect on the employee’s health, leading to fatigue, burnout, and morale.

For the same reason, digital solutions offering enhanced solutions and experience, which helps attract top talent, enable smooth onboarding, offer more seamless collaboration can take away the mounting pressure from the employees.

We will continue to see workplace changes evolving even in 2022. Hybrid and Remote models will continue to adapt to newer market solutions to meet the needs of the workplace's future. With the introduction of Metaverse, virtual and reality are only a matter of time to mix with hybrid and remote workplace models.

Author- Priyanka Mishra, Global Delivery Process Expert for Talent Acquisition & Talent Management, Hitachi Energy

A Human Resources professional with 14 years of progressive experience in Talent, Diversity & Inclusion, Change Management, and HR operations combined with strategic HR Business Partner and continuous improvement expertise. Self-driven and passionate about learning something new every day to give back to society.

I am passionate about my job and the function of Human resources. However, before being successful at work, it's essential for me to be a better Human Being to passionately impact the lives of people I engage with every day for a better tomorrow.

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