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Impactful People Practices: Valuing Internal Clients

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Business is all about people. Internal Clients and External clients are people and most of the time the best synchronization of Internal and External Clients delivers the most favorable results of the business in terms of turnover, value, branding, culture, and most importantly demand v/s supply. 

One example I would like to share here from my own experiences in dealing with the clients I served. I was delivering HR Management Consulting to one of the clients in India where I proposed the promoters make some changes with a view to adding some flavors or newness in the organization. One of the promoters responded that all these are jargon and you HR People are good at inventing such types of unrealistic things which do not help the organization. In response, I presented some facts and data to support my previous argument and to my surprise, all other promoters (except one) welcomed my suggestion (Jargon) and they implemented it. I am not boasting about my skills but that particular “Jargon” has helped the organization to survive during the Covid-19 Pandemic as it was related to People. 

Now coming back to the subject, the idea which I presented to that organization is to change the Indian Hierarchy system and to implement the currently ongoing global trend in defining the Job Descriptions which imply changing the designations. The entire HR Manual was re-written and the organization was restructured orienting the people and their Core Job Responsibilities and Cross-Functional Job Responsibilities. It has given more clarity to the Job Description of HODs and their sub-ordinates and it also created a pathway for cross-functional activities.

Employees who were under-performers have started to perform and few even performed beyond the expectations. Management easily identified the toxic people and their harmful practices too. The company has reached new heights and now their business is at an all-time high. Their External Clients are much satisfied than before due to improved service delivery and the organization has earned an enormous amount of trust from their regular clients over the years. 

Let us have some value finding People Practices for Internal Clients:

  1. Clarity on Core Job Description 

  2. Clarity on Cross-Functional Job Description 

  3. Skill Development and Character Building 

  4. Opportunities to Learn and Grow 

  5. Frequent Communication on Organizational Development 

  6. Timely Reward & Benefits for hard-work 

  7. Recognition to timely delivery 

  8. Value Personal Space and emotional touch 

  9. Apprehend the Attitude & Loyalty 

  10. Respect knowledge and experience 7

  11. Adequate or flexible Work Hours and frequent breaks 

  12. Creating a celebrating work atmosphere 

Thus, I strongly believe that valuing your Internal Clients or Employees will definitely be advantageous for the organization most of the time. Although every practice may not come out with results expected to do not try is also not an option for a People Practitioner or HR Manager. Sometimes you have to fight against the flow and sometimes you get the flow in your favor but the ship must adrift.

Author – Himanshu Desai, HR Professional, and Management Consultant, HR Prism Management Consultants / Content Strategist, HR SUCCESS TALK

A Human Resources professional skilled in HR Management, Organizational Development, Policy Formulation & Implementation, Talent Acquisition, Manpower Planning & Succession Planning, Training & Development, and Behavioral Competency Framework. His potential clientele includes some industry giants in India and abroad for implementing HR Projects and Management Concepts. He operates his knowledge-sharing business with his own firm HR Prism Management Consultants. He can be reached at or Cell No: +91 98795 78675.


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