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Explaining Location-Based Attendance Tracking With Geofencing

HR professionals face a difficult problem in scheduling shifts and tracking remote employees’ attendance. If an employer uses the age-old method of tracking remote employees on paper or in spreadsheets, they will be squandering time and effort and placing an extra burden on HR professionals.

Companies need the proper tools that can assist them to keep labor costs down while increasing productivity in today's competitive marketplace. Time and attendance reporting has been significantly faster and more reliable for both employees and managers as a result of the introduction of new location-based time tracking solutions.

Mobile gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets, have prompted the development of new online time tracking systems. Geofencing is one of the most popular topics that companies should be aware of right now. Here's a quick glance at what it is, how it works, and what business executives should know about incorporating geo-technologies into their processes.

What is Geofencing?

It is a location-based service in which a web or mobile app or other software uses GPS, Wi-Fi, or mobile network to allow a pre-programmed action when a mobile phone enters or exits a geofence.

A geofence can be drawn in the region of a site on a map using the employee time and attendance software. Most apps allow you to draw multiple geofences and assign employees to certain areas. In addition, the app analyzes and tracks their whereabouts in relation to the geofence.

How Is Geofencing Used To Mark Automated Attendance?

We can define geofencing as a virtual perimeter created from a location's latitude, longitude, and radius.

This method is handy for keeping track of employee presence. Assign each employee to a certain area, and their attendance would only be clocked in or out when they enter or exit this region.

If you need to know that your employees' clock in and out times are accurate, geofencing is a great solution. Before we go any further, let us back up our claim with the advantages and benefits of geofencing combined with a time and attendance platform.

Benefits Of Geofencing In Attendance Management

Geofencing has undeniably become a key tool for HR teams for tracking employee time and attendance. Let's have a look at the most important advantages.

• Keep an eye out for employees who clock in or out at locations other than their approved ones.

• If a punch occurs outside of the set fence, you'll get a real-time message and alert.

• Create punch time and location data for a specific employee or group.

• Keep track of and monitor employee hours to ensure accurate payroll.

• Keep track of employee time cards for record-keeping purposes.

• Make sure to follow time and attendance regulations to the letter.

• Ascertain that all employees are in the right area.

• Keep track of employee hours by project and by job title.

• Keep track of employee trips for reimbursement purposes.

Added Advantages Of Geofencing In Attendance Management

By carefully tracking employees' work hours, geofencing can help avoid time theft. Furthermore, here are some of the added benefits of Geofencing:

• You can track employees checking in to start their daily work sessions while they're still driving to the office or anywhere else.

• You'll be able to gather data on where your employees were.

• Not only can you manage employees’ time accurately, but also get to understand how work is done and get data to increase company efficiency.

• Employees who operate in the field will be able to log their time from various offices or other locations as long as they are within the geofence.

Implementation Tips For Geofencing In Attendance Management

If you're thinking about using geofencing with a new attendance management software, here are some things to think about before implementing it across your organization.

1. Inform & Update Your Staff Members

Notify and update your employees that you are implementing new geofencing features. If you don't tell them right away and they find out later, they'll believe they're being watched. Don't damage their trust in senior management and, as a result, in your company. Explain all of the previously discussed advantages and benefits. You don't want them to get the impression that you are using geofencing to penalize late or absent employees.

2. Train Your Employees To Use The Software Effectively

Most of the attendance management software with location and geofencing features are easy to use. Official training to use the new system might seem unnecessary. However, you cannot assume that all employees and team members are aware of the requirements. Show them how to punch in and out, cope with new time cards, and deal with requests for time off in a logical manner. Demonstrate how to explore their schedules and other specifics linked to new features for their better understanding.

3. Reconsider Time & Attendance Policies Across The Organization

It would be preferable if you explain all of your organization's time and attendance regulations to new employees when they are employed. Before deploying geofencing, again, strike a chord with your staff members about the new procedures. Take note of all the new policies that have been implemented as a result of geofencing in your employee handbook. When it comes to geofencing time and attendance training, make sure that allocated supervisors treat all team members equally.


As a result, the employee attendance management software with geofencing time and attendance features boosts employee productivity and helps businesses run more smoothly. Because every organization has its own set of requirements, you should choose the finest employee attendance software with the most relevant features for your specific business and functions.

By going paperless, the software will meet your business requirements for attendance monitoring, further improving your operational efficiencies. If any of your employees roam between several worksites across the day, the geofencing feature in your software will help a lot.

With geofencing features, you'll be able to see exactly where your staff is throughout the day, regardless of how they're positioned based on location. This will help you maintain organizational efficiencies and productivity at every point in time.

Author: Ansh Aggrawal, Marketing Manager at Zimyo

Ansh Aggarwal has 6+ years of experience in the B2B Marketing space in India and International markets. Currently associated with Zimyo, Ansh is taking care of the entire gamut of marketing activities for the onboarding of Enterprise clients. He communicates directly/indirectly with Industry leader CXOs, CHROs, IT Heads to understand their challenges and come up with solutions that are enabling them to transform their company into an employee-centric organization.


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