Morale Boosting for Remote Workers

Updated: Oct 8

The pandemic has hit the charm of working in an office. We missed working with our colleagues and virtual meets became the new normal. The gossip, chit chats over the coffee vending machine, or while taking a walk – talk about the boss ☺ is lost. Ever since we started working from home, the feeling of being isolated engulfed in fear resulted in low morale and less engagement towards the work performance. This has been challenging for both businesses and HR to design strategies and activities to boost the morale of employees working remotely. 

However, engaging employees has become the top priority for the organizations, and here are few morale-boosting recommendations:

  1. Communication: Organizing frequent communication programs with the employees working remotely is more necessary than ever. Frequent town halls, managers checking on their team, inspiring pep talks for the motivational push goes a long way. These programs help employees to feel secure and give their best on the job when they know they can rely on, ask for help at the time of need.

  2. Sharing High & Lows weekly: Managers speak to the team members to share their high and low points during the week. This helps the employee to ask for help if needed and managers also get to know what the high point is and the challenges the team is facing. Including gratitude for what we have in the weekly meet also helps to count on the blessing and look for the positive side of the situation.

  3. Cover-ups: It is ideal to create cover-ups for the critical roles, if any tragedy struck/ team member goes on leave then there will be someone to take care of the job. The employee can also take leave without stressing much about the task.

  4. Recognize: Employee appreciation plays a big role in morale-boosting and motivating them. Appreciate the small wins continuously and acknowledge them in presence of all other team members. It is a big morale booster. This