Management Lessons from Atal Tunnel

Recently, Atal Tunnel was inaugurated in Himachal Pradesh which is 9.2 KMs long and reducing 46 KMs of the distance between Manali to Leh. Now Leh-Ladakh will always be connected through-out the year with the rest of the country. Let me share some insights which we can gain from carving the world’s longest tunnel.

#1. Tunnel is situated at a High Altitude of 10000 ft. from the Mean Sea Level which means less oxygen. In those situations, machinery running with petroleum fuel has to remove Air Filter from the Engine Assembly to keep running.

Lesson – You have to change yourself to adapt to extreme situations and this is what makes us different.

#2. Tunnel was dug at the speed of 1400 meters per year. The estimated time of carving the tunnel was 26 years. But completed in 6 years only.

Lesson – If proper planning of work is done, work can be completed within a time frame. Or some time before the deadline. It takes some out of box thinking and dedication towards the work.

#3. As mentioned above, Tunnel will keep connected Leh-Ladakh through-out the year. Earlier due to Snow-Fall, Leh-Ladakh was disconnected from the rest of the world for 6 months in a year.

Lesson – Uninterrupted communication within the team is the only option. We must carve out ways to stay connected with everyone in every situation.

#4. It will reduce 46 KMs of distance and 7 Hours of the journey between Manali to Leh.

Lesson – Saving the cost, time, and energy is always recommendable. A penny saved is a penny earned.

#5. This tunnel will now help to improvise the economy of the newly formed Leh-Ladakh Union Territory.

Lesson – Doing something new sometimes affects the cost of the company but in the long run it will help improve financial stability in multiple ways.

#6. This tunnel will now help the Indian Army and Border Security Forces for safer border protection plans and execution.

Lesson – One step towards improving your work may help others in the organization too.

#7. Minerals extracted while tunneling was used in ISRO and DRDO.

Lesson – There is always a scope of Value-Addition. Bringing new concepts and ideas is always welcomed by the organization. But value-addition matters the most.


Author – Himanshu Desai, HR Professional and Management Consultant, HR Prism Management Consultants


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