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LinkedIn as Passport to Professional World

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

LinkedIn is a huge platform in social media used by professionals. It’s a network of people not just single individuals but also companies and communities. This is a place where you could find your networks and also be found by others. This is essential to professionals specifically to employees that would want to lay out their career journeys, achievements, and works.

For employees, it’s like your passport to the professional world. Just like a passport where you’ve been are marked on the different pages, your visas are stamped on it as a certification, people in the immigration are checking on it to be able to let you in a specific country. LinkedIn is much more like this. Your Profile shows how and where you’ve been for the past years and where you are at the present. The degree, certifications, activities, and achievements you can post through it would show how well you have been doing. Knowing more than 700 million professionals are on this social media page, this is a bird’s eye view for companies seeking employees and vice versa for individuals seeking companies.

LinkedIn has a lot to offer. Primarily, I believe these are the major reasons why employees have to have a LinkedIn Profile: Build a Network of Connections, Learn and Share Ideas, and Polishing your Career Branding.

Building a Network of Connections is one of the major roles of LinkedIn, encompassing a huge database of professionals who wouldn’t make a network? Made up of family members, friends, schoolmates, colleagues, mentors, micro to macro businesses, communities, and a lot more. Activities and events posted on LinkedIn could gather people as one. Posting, commenting, and reacting could make a way for you to be known and know someone.

News, Discussions, Articles, Trends & Vlogs are posted on LinkedIn. The reason why there’s a lot to learn from this platform. Different aspects of industry related to your field of expertise can be easily accessed. Giving you a lot more to feed you in the professional perspective. This is also a venue to share your knowledge, through posting your Opinion on a specific topic, adding to different group discussions, sharing tips on your expertise, and articles that are knowledgeable.

Career Branding is essential to all professionals. People would easily recognize and know that it’s you because of your branding. It is never easy to build this but there are a

lot of ways to polish it. This LinkedIn does a lot of work on this. Updating and organizing your profile with your positions, work history, skills, activities & training would be helpful. In a way by just reading your profile people would have a glimpse of who you are your qualities. It is also your responsibility as a professional to encompass these qualities in reality by living up with what you are posting on your LinkedIn.

Don’t wait for anymore. Gather yourself up now, think about it. Fill up your passport by leveraging your LinkedIn and be known not just to your current industry but to the whole world of Professionals.

Author- Michelle Amarante, Team Lead – UAE Chapter

A professional with a heart for human resources, an advocate of Enhancing People skills and talents, and loves to write persuasive articles to share opinions and encourage people.


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