Excite, Engage and Evangelize

Updated: Oct 9

As a new employer/employee contract has begun to unfold, more and more organizations are now interested to unravel how employee branding works and how it can be utilized to position the organization to increase the mindshare of potential candidates, clients, and other stakeholders to gain a competitive advantage. In the past, employee branding was viewed with a certain amount of skepticism and was surreptitiously handled. Employers were more interested in employee value within their organization, rather than the individual value in the social network or external market. The balance between positive reinforcement and keeping significant contributions under wraps created tension and mixed signals. 

By creating an environment of open communication, employees feel empowered in their roles and feel invested in the direction. There are enough and more instances of personal branding dovetailing to corporate and employer branding. It also sends out a positive signal that the employer is open, transparent and encourages their employees to feel empowered in their roles and feel invested in the growth and success of their organization.

When you take it a step further to