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Importance of Excellent On-Boarding Process

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

There are many institutes and forums in India every year that announce the awards for best HR practices. The focus to facilitate organizations with such awards is to create and sustain an environment conducive to the development of India, partnering industry, and consultative processes. These institutes and forums are non-government, non-profit organizations and managed by Industry people only. These awards provide a platform for all the organizations to follow the best HR Practices and provide a comfortable working culture to employees and somehow reduce Manpower Turnover and Attrition.

The importance of HR Excellence is in high demand during this Transformational HR Era. Especially, IT companies or service industries are rapidly adopting the best HR practices as they have high turn-over ratios due to high competition. To understand it in the best manner, let us discuss here an example;

Mr. X joined an organization on a very fine day. He was working with an MNC for the past few years where he has gained enough experience to work in a higher position and is confident about delivering the best of him.

Day 1, He reported at his new workplace sharp at 9:00 am but the HR guy met him at 10:00 am at reception. He was then driven to a mini-conference room where his documents collection and joining formality was completed. To his surprise, he was not presented with his Appointment letter nor his KRA. He was not even introduced to other staff and his colleagues. HR took him to his desk where neither the system is installed nor the intercom.  He didn’t know whom to ask for basic stationery.

The HR guy didn’t show courtesy to offer him lunch and he was deserted in the office by HR.

Day 2, he reminded HR about all the missing accessories on his desk and he was told that he will get them soon. He is unhappy as he is not yet properly inducted into the organization and he has to find his way. No ID Card, No Appointment Letter, and no Introduction to his colleagues yet done on day 2.

Day 3, he again asked HR to provide a system and basic stationery. For his Appointment Letter, he had to ask HR 3 times in 3 days, and still, he received an unexpected answer.

Day 4, he didn’t reach the office and re-joined the previous company where he used to work.

Now, everything is missing on the part of HR here. This is why HR needs to be more careful while adopting a practice that can boost the confidence of the employees, especially of new joiners. On-boarding the new employees is never easy as they were working in a different culture someplace else and now they have to accept a culture which they have not experienced before. HR Excellence is a vital element that can reduce the complications of the onboarding process and new joiners can be welcomed easily without putting in the extra effort.

What HRs can achieve by executing best HR Practices at the workplace:

  1. To help improve Performance Practices, Capabilities by providing objective feedback for improvement to each employee.

  2. To establish communication and sharing of information in best practices within and among organizations.

  3. Team Building and Comfortable execution of Organization Chart.

  4. Reduced Manpower Turnover ratio and Increased Satisfaction Ratio.

  5. Reduced Cost behind Manpower Hiring and fewer efforts towards Employee Retention scheme.

  6. Strong Employer Branding

  7. Wide scope of selecting the best talents out of the pool despite high competition and many more….

Author – Himanshu Desai, HR Professional, and Management Consultant, HR Prism Management Consultants / Content Strategist, HR SUCCESS TALK

A Human Resources professional skilled in HR Management, Organizational Development, Policy Formulation & Implementation, Talent Acquisition, Manpower Planning & Succession Planning, Training & Development, and Behavioral Competency Framework. His potential clientele includes some industry giants in India and abroad for implementing HR Projects and Management Concepts. He operates his knowledge-sharing business with his own firm HR Prism Management Consultants. He can be reached at or Cell No: +91 98795 78675.

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