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Build Critical Skills and Competencies for the Organization

Employees are the life force of an organization, who keep it afloat through the paradigm shifts in business practices and work cultures. Without a skilled workforce, companies do not stand a chance in today’s cut-throat market.

As per recent report by NASSCOM focusing on Indian It-IT sector, India is facing a challenge to find skilled workforce for 2,30,000 jobs in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, in future by 2021 itself this shortage is likely to touch a whopping 7,80,000 open positions.

Therefore, it has become necessary, now more than ever, for organizations to invest in developing the skills and competencies of their workforce.

How Will an Organization Benefit from These Skills and Competencies?

In order to gain a footing in this rapidly evolving world of business, organizations must have the potential to adapt to modern technologies and advancements in the field of information technology. By prioritizing the development of relevant skills in their employees, organizations benefit in manifolds.

Firstly, the IT sector is constantly evolving. There will always be growth prospects for an organization that incorporates the use of advanced skills in their business offerings as well as internal operations. Also, such efforts will place them in the purview of the employable youth in India, many of whom have the necessary qualifications but are simply not aware of the organization making organization an aspirational brand.

Building the competencies of their employees is a sure-fire way for an organization to move up in the value chain and establish itself as leader of the industry. In this position organization is looked upon with high respect by its potential clients as well as potential employees.

Implementing training programs within the organization will help the workforce adapt to the demands of the market and continuously contribute to achieving organizational goals.

Some skills that are highly valued in the present scenario are Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, SAP, Oracle, Business Intelligence, MS Dynamics, Cloud, IoT, Dot Net, JAVA, React, Angular, Node JS etc.

What Techniques Could Be Used to Develop Such Competencies?

Organizations looking to acquire new business or to zone in on the untapped potential of India’s employable population must know their market inside out. This includes being able to predict market trends, scoping out opportunities, and understanding the skill demand-supply gap. For such an in-depth knowledge of the market, they must be up to date with news reports, research articles, talent acquisition service providers etc.

Once organization has identified the skills that are most in-demand today, they would be able to employ various techniques to build these competencies in their workforce.

On other hand serious workforce is also always looking for a way to climb the ranks, for a way to guarantee growth in the position they hold. Organizations must delineate the purpose of skill-building activities. This would help employees understand exactly what doors could be opened for them if they were to nurture specific skill sets.

By encouraging increased participation and challenging the workforce to gain hands-on experience with the skills in demand, organizations would be paving a path for their holistic development. This can be done by connecting them to more learning experiences, even if it is an extension of their roles within the organization.

Cross-organizational and extra-organizational skill-building opportunities like participation in public trainings or industry forums may just prove to be the advantage that your workforce needs. Particularly when your resources don’t allow for greater insight into a certain field of knowledge, make the most of your connections and business networks.

Sense of initiative, problem-solving, teamwork, communication, and adaptability are a few of the essential competencies that ought to be built through management interactions and team exercises with a strong focus from the Top.

Organizations must establish performance metrics that can assess the outcome of skill-building tasks. By doing so, they would better understand the extent to which employees are utilizing the training programs and how they have been able to implement the skills and competencies learned.


Building critical skills and competencies for the organization can certainly help propel the brand to the forefront. An organization is as strong as the collective capabilities of their workforce. Such practices of Building Critical Skills and Competencies for the Organization are great in the long run to enhance the job performance of the employees resulting in the organizational growth.

Blog Written By :

Mr. Daya Prakash 


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