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What is expected from CHRO as a Strategic Leader?

In last few years, the role of HR in an organization has changed drastically. HR is no longer a tactical function but a strategic one. But the question still remains, if HR has a seat at the table. I feel that HR in many industries has evolved to the stage that it has already taken the seat on the table especially Information Technology, Service Industry, BPO, KPO, E-commerce are some of them. HR role is still evolving but it has evolved enough to take the strategic role. Companies have positions like CHRO and CPO to have the voice of talent in strategic decisions. Let’s talk about some of the key expectations from CHRO as a strategic leader.

  1. The most important, CHRO should have knowledge of business as any other function leaders.

  2. CHRO should act as a Business leader as opposed to HR Leader only.

  3. Reinforcing a culture that emphasizes productivity and respect towards people and customer

  4. Educating CEO to down everyone about truth.

  5. Educating CEO about the pulse of organization even it is not what CEO wishes to hear

  6. Building a pipeline of qualified, energized people to fuel the company’s growth.

  7. Building a culture of collaboration that fuels every important program at the company.

  8. Collaborating to design and communicate a Vision for the company.

  9. Asking team members every day for input on business activities, their own careers, and life in general — not via a sterile, once-a-year employee engagement survey.

  10. Shifting the HR function away from a break/fix model to an embedded function in every business segment.

  11. Branding the organization outside.

  12. Selling the company to the “talent population”, in person, via traditional media and online.

  13. If I touch upon some soft skill a CHRO should possess, I would say a CHRO should be compassionate, responsible, courageous, collaborative and developmental. The role has evolved and it will continue evolving future consider the role of technology in managing HR function.

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