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What exactly is the meaning of Better Version?

This is a trending phrase today, “to become our better version”.

It is a nice goal or purpose to have. The question is, how do I know that I reached the “next level” and not just reached there, I stay there too?

Here is what I do – “I evolve by shedding the unhealthy images I hold true about people. I don’t shed people.”

People constantly push our buttons. They irritate us, annoy us, make us angry, make us happy, make us thankful, surprise us, push us, pull us and I’m sure you get the idea.

When this happens, we create image about them in our minds. It helps us to deal with them. This is basic psychology. The fun begins when we don’t put and expiry date on this image. We set it in stone and refuse to see this person any other way. In fact, we are so sure about our perception of another person that we justify it by believing “people don’t change.”

This belief is not only wrong at so many levels but I would go ahead and say it is inhumane. Let me prove it to you right now…

Physically, we are changing all the time. We don’t look the same we use to look few years ago or even few months ago. Science has documented proof that in 9 months, every single cell in our body has been replaced by a new one. Every single day, every hour, every minute we are experiencing new realities. It is impossible not to learn from them. They are shaping and reshaping our beliefs without us even knowing about it. If all this is true for me, then how can it be false for anyone else on this planet?

My stubbornness to continue to be right about my perceptions holds me back from having a deep and long-lasting connection with the other person. They are changing, right in front of my eyes, but the filter I see them from has not changed for months or years and sometimes lifetime.

The day I drop my old images of people (including myself), I upgrade to the next level. I create new image there only to shed it again one day to go to yet another level. And life continues this way for me…

This article is aimed at raising Self-awareness and Empathy, 2 key components to develop Emotional Intelligence, Mindfully  –

What exactly is the meaning of Better Version?


Blog written by Mr. Sachin Sharma International Coach at Wuji International  For more details email at Website –

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