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Transmute in work culture when we return back to work

The Organisations of today, are well ahead in shaping their moves fast, than earlier times. Mostly, the Companies haven’t gone back to work physically and where ever possible, their employees are working from home. The future of such organizations is getting shaped by its employees, who are taking their organizations forward, in the challenging context of present-day times, which are quite tough. We are currently witnessing the worst things happening to people in India and abroad. The employees who are working from home are doing their best and better things are happening to such organizations and to the world at large.

The whole world and almost every organization are facing some or the other problem due to COVID 19.

Such organizations are trying their best to serve their customers in the best possible way. People of almost all communities have risen to the occasion and almost every leader we speak to, tells us inspiring stories about the radical changes which are being introduced and about the paradigm shifts which are taking place on how work gets done. Almost everyone is fighting for survival – people are fighting for survival, organizations are fighting for survival.

But there are a lot of them who are venturing into the new and hitherto unchartered territories.

The person moving into the new domain is likely to meet with success in one form or the other. Disruption always ushers you into the NEW and these days, this is what is happening again and again. Amidst this fear of certainty, many times people actually get energized. There are a lot of purposeful statements that have come out of people who are trying to eliminate bureaucracy and empower their leaders. And also the decision-making process has been turbocharged while sitting and working from home.

In this context, there are three critical parameters that we need to look at:

  1.  Who are we? It pertains to our purpose, values, and culture.

  2. How do we operate? It refers to the operating ecosystem and performance

  3. How do we grow? It pertains to learning, talent management, and overall development in all spheres.

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