Strategic Challenges for HR in 2021

In the 20th century, the role of HR has been redefined not just in terms of the work that HR does but also the way they accomplish it. With millennials taking over Human in human resources has taken the front seat. Earlier the role of HR was more of admin and operational with repetitive activities like processing salary and increments etc. However, in today’s time, these operational days to day tasks have been automated and the role of HR has been uplifted where ask is to deal with human emotions. Some bit of understanding and dealing with human emotions is also automated. For example, behaviour is a clear indicator of how anyone is feeling at any given time. Technology can convert and translate most human actions and behaviours to how a person is feeling at any given moment. This can be done with machines with an accuracy of almost 70-80%.

It is imperative that anyone who takes up the role of HR has to have a good Emotional Quotient. Human Resource cannot have an independent HR strategy. HR Strategy is always based and carved out of an organization’s strategy. In today’s time when AI is taking over most of the work, HR strategy will still depend on how digitally active, engaged, competitive, or mature the organization is.

The first step in building the HR Strategy for any organization is to be careful about the below factors.