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Performance Review Tip- DON’T BE AN INSURANCE AGENT

Performance Review time is often a tense time for many employees. Give this statement a little extra thought for a minute. Why should it be like this? Why should employees feel tense to face the review? As adults, we welcome feedback that helps us grow and improve. Then why this opportunity is so stressful? Let’s look into this…

I’ve seen that many companies execute the Performance Review process like an Insurance Claim. Let me explain. When you apply for an insurance claim, the objective of the person who is processing the claim is to ensure that she finds whatever loophole possible to deny your claim or give you the lowest possible return. She will come up with arguments and criteria that you were not even aware of when taking the policy. And then you find out that the terms and conditions have a very different interpretation compared to what you thought.

Your employees work hard the whole year, in anticipation that they will be rewarded after their review. But instead, they find themselves justifying it, fighting for it, like an insurance claim. They discover new conditions and expectations during the process. They were not even aware that they will be assessed on those parameters. They receive feedback on their performance which they can’t even go back and improve. They waited for a whole year and now they have to wait for one more year to fix the shortcomings. And who knows what new feedback will come next year to knock them off again. Wouldn’t all this make anyone scared to look forward to the Performance Review process? 

Is there an Emotionally Intelligent way to do this?

Yes, there is.

First, no employee should feel that they are making a dreaded insurance claim. They should look forward to this important process of their professional life.

Next, their manager should collect and distribute feedback as often as possible. This will allow the employee to do something about it. And isn’t that the objective of the feedback? To help someone improve. Sharing it in time with them will give them the opportunity to show that they have improved when the review time comes.

This approach has been tested by some of our clients and the results were surprising. We can help if you wish to explore modifications to your current review process.


Author / Educator – Sachin Sharma, Author | Managing Director, Wuji International

I’m passionate about Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Development. I’ve created an Organisation Culture Development Framework called Invisible Leadership. It addresses complex HR challenges by application of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. Challenges such as High Attrition, Low Retention, Office Politics, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Inequality, Bullying & Harassment, Low Employee Engagement, Good to Great Leadership Journey, and so on..  At Wuji International, our team is passionate about solving such challenges, mindfully.


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