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Induction Tip – Don’t align with Company Vision and Mission

The best time to align an employee with the organization is during Induction.

The second-best time is Now.

Is there an Emotionally Intelligent way to do this?

Yes, there is.

First, understand that Company Vision and Mission are for everyone, regardless of their role and responsibilities. So, that means it can be very high-level and vague for most employees. They are too far to connect with, emotionally, and practically.

For example, Microsoft’s vision is “to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential”. Now consider a junior employee from the L&D department. How do you align them with this vision? What this employee does on a day-to-day basis doesn’t seem directly connecting with this vision.

If the company is stable and the employee feels secure, then every employee desires to Grow and Contribute. Without a clear alignment and sense of purpose, they feel lost. This impacts their Self-Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills; which are the building blocks of Emotional Intelligence. Therefore, when we align them properly, their Self-Motivation and Empathy goes up, which enhances their Emotional Intelligence.

To do this alignment, align them with their Department’s Vision and Mission instead of the Company level. They will connect more with that and see a direct co-relation with their job description. For example, the L&D employee we talked about earlier, if her department’s vision is “to ensure professional quality of an employee is on or above the expectation of their manager”, then she’ll relate to it better. She can see how to contribute to this vision. It gives her a sense of purpose.

The Department Heads can align their Department Visions with each other to align with the Company Vision and Mission. They don’t need to bother their teams, within the department, with such high-level alignment.

This approach has been tested by some of our clients and the results were surprising. We can help if you wish to try it once…


Author / Educator – Sachin Sharma, Author | Managing Director, Wuji International

I’m passionate about Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Development. I’ve created an Organisation Culture Development Framework called Invisible Leadership. It addresses complex HR challenges by application of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. Challenges such as High Attrition, Low Retention, Office Politics, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Inequality, Bullying & Harassment, Low Employee Engagement, Good to Great Leadership Journey, and so on..  At Wuji International, our team is passionate about solving such challenges, mindfully.


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