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HR SUCCESS TALK “The Excellence Awards”


takes pride and privilege

in announcing 3rd Award series


“Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere efforts, intelligent execution, skilful execution and the vision to see obstacles as opportunities”.

So here’s the opportunity knocking at your door step to welcome you all to be the part of this Excellence Awards. To apply, kindly go through the complete form, as follows.

(A) What are the award categories?

#1. Glory of HR India Award:

Award under this prestigious category will be purely on the basis of Jury’s & HR SUCCESS TALK discretion. We will recognise the paramount work done by the person in the field of HR. No nominations under this category are invited.


#2. HR Excellence Awards:

Eligibility: Any HR professional with outstanding achievement in HR domain, in their professional journey of 15+ years.


#3. Startup Excellence Awards:

Eligibility: Any start up, with an establishment date effective on or after 1st January 2015, can apply for the Awards in this category.


#4. Education Excellence Awards:

Eligibility: Professional with significant contribution in the field of education, can apply. i.e. Dean, Professor, Chancellor, Director.


#5. Women Excellence Awards:

Eligibility: Any professional women with any relevant contribution in any field can apply.


#6. Business Excellence Awards:

Eligibility: As a Business Leader, major impact created at the organisational level i.e any business head in any department any industry can apply.


(B) Who can apply for the award?

Any professional who falls under any of the above category can apply. They have to fit in parameters set for each category.

(C) Basic rules to apply for the award?

  1. There is no age limit to apply for any of the awards. For certain categories, 15+ years of experience is required.

  2. b. The case presented by participants should be from the period of September 2019 to September 2020.

  3. Any one who falls under any of the above award categories from any part of the country can apply.

  4. Winners of our 2nd award series, ‘The Eminent Women Leaders Award’ will not be eligible to apply for these awards. There should be a gap of 6 months after your last win in HR SUCCESS TALK awards.

  5. Volunteers of HR SUCCESS TALK are not allowed to apply for these awards in order to make these awards more credible.

(D) What will be the process ?

  1. You can nominate yourself by filling the nomination form

  2. You have to fill complete information and all answers are mandatory

  3. One person can nominate for a maximum of 03 (three) categories and can be a winner in maximum 02 (two) categories

  4. The last date of receiving this filled form is 31st October 2020. No application will be accepted after 31st October 2020

  5. After receipt of forms, these will be screened as per basic parameters formed by Jury and only shortlisted people will be invited to present their case

  6. Shortlisted people have to send us their cases/PowerPoint Presentation by 10th November 2020

  7. These shortlisted nominations will be allowed to present their cases (PowerPoint Presentation in optional) to Jury through the virtual platform. Each participant will be given 15 minutes including Q&A to present their case. This virtual event will happen tentatively on 28th November 2020

  8. The jury will select 5 cases in each category and they will be rewarded. All winners will be on the same scale

  9. Winners will receive awards in the virtual award ceremony and trophies will be sent separately. This event will happen on 12th December 2020

  10. The jury’s decision will be final. HR SUCCESS TALK does not guarantee award to any of the participants. The complete process is taken care of by our Jury members

  11. There is no nomination fee to register for these awards.

(E) What will be in your case/story?

Any case/story presented by participant will be judged on following parameters.

  1. What problem were you trying to solve?

  2. How did you solve the problem?

  3. What was the end result?

  4. What impact did it create?

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