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HR and Technology-High Productivity-Connecting  HR  and IT

Work Environment and style of working is changing. Flexible Hours and no leave deductions are becoming a culture in many organizations. Companies are changing 9 am to 5 pm cubicle life to a better approach.

Work life has changed with technology, employees have understood that work never completely gets off and they need to adapt themselves as per the workplace demand. To get effective output from employees it has become a need to connect HR and IT like business partners or core components to each other.

Modern Workforce has attained certain benefits with this connection:

Cost Reduction:

Cutting down the cost has been an ongoing agenda by all organizations and taking most out using IT has been helpful in it. One needs to realize that connecting HR with other departments viz. IT can get the unexpected cost down, by customizing workforce habits and requirements.

When employees stay more in a  company due to flexible times and policies, learning new tools to make their work easier, this often equalizes to lower expenses and the ability for employers to dedicate fewer resources to job recruitment.

Employee Morale and Happiness

A high percentage of employees feel that IT Department does not understand their need well and due to which there productive is at stake. It’s not a false alarm, the organization needs to consider the impact of technology can have on an employee’s morale, choice of job, happiness, and efficiency.

Connecting various departments of the business on an ongoing basis is critical to understanding employees’ opinions on these matters and how they can work together to improve them. That’s because it’s no surprise happier workers lead to higher customer satisfaction and profits; thus, the benefit of supporting employee morale is twofold.

Enhance Productivity

Productivity is the result of empowering your employees. To do so, organizations need to recognize that workers require different needs based on their work scenarios. Be it a mobile, desk-centric, in the field or on-the-go worker, organizations are grappling with how to adjust and cater to these evolving work styles.

There’s no denying that linking these departments within an organization to discuss how to implement new technologies based on specific work styles — such as flexible work arrangements and hiring remote employees — has driven a significant rise in productivity across companies.

Indeed, even things that may appear to be little — allotting the fitting cluster rooms outfitted with video conferencing innovation or intuitive white sheets — have a significant effect to empower worker efficiency. Staying away from representative turnover, which altogether lessens add up to workforce efficiency budgetary execution, is best of the brain for business pioneers.

Keeping a consistent connection between HR, IT, initiative and item groups to keep up a heartbeat on the adequacy of organizing laborers and underlining adaptability is essential to efficiency no matter how you look at it.

Article by:

Himanshu Singhla

Advisor- HR SUCCESS TALK and CEO-Online Trouble Shooters

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