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How twitter is helping HR Professionals?


140 Characters!!! It may seem too less to start off with, but the power these 140 characters hold is just amazing. We as professionals have been exposed to different styles of learning; right from classroom to today’s virtual learning space. As HR professionals, we need to surely adapt, embrace and practice various learning styles. Twitter is one of those learning styles where in the learning is real-time, global, filled with influencers and not to forget, just 140 characters 🙂

So, let’s look at few of the ways wherein we as HR professionals can make the most of this amazing learning platform:

– TweetChats:

This is the most popular way to learning, sharing and connecting with like-minded HR professionals. The best part is that TweetChat brings the learning right on your screen, Laptop, Desktop or Mobile, you name it. We as HR folks must leverage this opportunity to participate in relevant HR TweetChats that happen almost every week. Some are Global and some are local, but both provide immense learning opportunities and insights around various HR subjects.

Topics could include; “How to promote Diversity & Inclusion at Workplace”, “How to Hire Passive Talent”, “How to set KRA’s for your team members”, “How to gamify Employee Engagement at workplace” and so on. Tweetchats provide us all a platform to connect with HR Influencers across the globe. There is no formal structure around TweetChats, it’s the most amazing way to learn informally, but is effective, if not more than traditional learning methods. So what are you waiting for, go ahead and participate in TweetChats and make the most of 140 characters

– Market Intelligence:

This is also an interesting platform wherein you can follow your competitors and gain interesting insights. Now a days, most of the companies tweet about their Quarterly Results Live via Twitter. They share insights such as Revenue, Clients Won, New Projects, Campus hiring targets, Attrition Data; Wait, did you just say Attrition Data? Yes, you read it right. They do share such information. So do make the most of such updates and tweets as this will help you track all about your competition. All this via 140 characters 🙂

– Twitter Lists:

Yet another amazing way by which you can keep a track on HR Influencers. Twitter List is all about creating a pool of folks from whom you want to learn, connect and engage, it’s like adding folks to your list and keeping a tab on what they tweet. Twitter is normally very fast, at times you might lose important tweets. Twitter Lists will help you to see all the tweets in one place, without missing them. The USP of Twitter Lists is that you need not follow folks, all you need to do is add them in your lists 😉 And the moment you add them, they will get a notification and 9/10 times they will surely check you’re Bio. Interesting, right!!

I am sure you might be wondering how much time we as HR folks get to explore all this. The answer is simple, if you don’t invest in your learning, don’t expect the company to always do it. Self-Learning is the best form of learning. So, just invest at least 30 mins daily on Twitter and see the difference. You will be surely gain a lot of knowledge, insights, data and make amazing connections within your HR fraternity.

Would be keen to know how Twitter has helped you. Happy Tweeting and learning.


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Kunjal Kamdar

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