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Growth of Recruitment Industry over the past 4-5 Years

Digitalization, Work from Home or Virtual Work or any other name it can be called, that is how the world is changing. Like many other things in the world, the Recruitment process also changed into a much convenient and feasible way for smart work which showed good growth in Recruitment Industry in past few years.

The process of recruitment in any company has certain steps and orders to follow which depends on the nature and profile of the job.

Generally, the steps are: Written-test Group Discussion HR Round

The first step for any recruitment is a written test which consists of questions of Aptitude, Reasoning, English, and Technical or Subject related.

The next step is the Group Discussion where the filtered candidates from the Written-test round are observed on their skills of participation in a team.

Last is the HR Round. This is where the filtered candidates from Group Discussion will give present their Resume and give a personal interview, this is the last round to know if the candidate is selected or not.

Though these steps are the general process of recruitment, there can be some more additions based on the nature of the job and the company. Like, there can be a telephonic round if the job is a voice-related job.

After all the rounds are successfully completed, the selected candidates will go through the process of verification where they would be asked to get all their certificates from SSC to their highest degree. Only after this, the candidate will receive an Appointment Letter from the company.

All this process might generally take a week on the whole where the candidate has to go personally to the company each time and wait for the result.

As years passed, ways became much feasible and smart. With the use of technology, things have changed a lot. The verification process especially was a lot of paperwork and time consuming but as the use of technology increased, time is less consumed and there are not many physical visits. Everything is now being done through calls and emails, unlike those days where people were asked to visit, wait, and may not respond. The amount of physical work and time is much lesser now compared to past years.

In the immediate recent years, there are even many changes in the Recruitment process due to COVID- 19 Pandemic and Lockdown. This has made the employment system much faster and convenient.

Nowadays, any candidate can apply for a job from any place just with a click. Not only applying for a job but even the process of getting selected for a job became much easier and convenient. Every step involved in the Recruitment Process can be done from the place they are themselves. From the Written test to the final selection, everything is done from home itself. In most cases, work is also done from itself.

With these convenient methods, the number of people applying for jobs increased and this gave the opportunity to a greater number of people in the process of Recruitment. If more people are involved, time is less consumed.

As companies need more people, the salaries also became much interesting which gives an enormous opportunity for people to apply for jobs.

Author – Diksha Vyas, Social media manager & content writer, Vipany company

Diksha Vyas, is a Sr. Content writer and has written around 5 blogs for Vipany company and has a total of 5 years of experience. I have blogs for INDIA Tech learn and have worked for International clients for technical blogs.

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