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How to get best out of Alumni program for your organization?

The alumni program in an organization is aimed to engage people who had left the organization and now working in other companies, may be competitors, in the same industry. The organization makes an effort to engage ex-employees to make sure that they still feel connected with the organization they have served once. People feel delighted to know about their ex-company. They want to know updates, news, events, new projects, achievements or exciting changes happening in the organization. The question comes, why should organization put their focus on Alumni program. Trust me, there are benefits of engaging your ex-colleagues.

Company Branding In today’s world, the image of an organization outside makes a lot of difference especially when it comes to hiring the right talent. People wish to join an organization which has a positive brand image in the industry. They enquire about the health and culture before accepting the offer. In many cases, they approach existing and old team members and ask their queries. Engaging alumni could be a good strategy to brand your company image. Alumni are working in other companies in the same industry and can be your brand ambassador if they feel connected with you. They can talk about the good time they spent and if updated about the current affair, they can market that too for you. Get them back You may wish to rehire them for your future projects or assignments. On occasion, an organization loses good people because they wish to explore outside world. But sometimes, they feel that they have made a wrong decision. If the organization is connected with them some way, they may express their willingness to come back. This is a WIN WIN for both ex-employee and organization. It could be one of the strategies to hire good talent. It is always better to have a person back who has proved his talent earlier and is aware of organization culture.

Get reference for your talent pool

Referral is a vital source of the talent pool for many organizations. There are many advantages of referred candidates. They understand the job requirement and culture well from the person who refers them.  We approach our existing employees to refer candidates to us. Why can’t we approach our ex-employees as well? Tell them the vacancies open in your organization so that they can refer good candidates to you.

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