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How to engage an employee in recession times?

Employee engagement during recession

Employee engagement is always a challenge for an organization and HR is suppose to be a key player in ensuring the same. In my previous post “How to find out what engage an employee?” and “8 Things every organization should do to engage employees”, I have described various ways by which company can engage an employee.

Employee engagement become more difficult in time of recession. Globally market is not doing well. Companies are not growing. Company management is trying to survive in this time. There is nothing much for employees. No more increments and promotions. Employees feel demotivated and dis engage. It is a challenge for HR and management to ensure engaged employee in this tough times when company is not doing well.

No doubt, employees do need financial growth to fulfill their rising needs. Money play an important role but it is not the only reason to keep employee engaged with company. There are ways which are more effective than money.

Dialogues with employees

No matter what, always keep dialogues open with employees. This way, you will be able to know what your people feels? Let employees share their insights. Listen to them, tell them your side of story too. Dialogues can clear doubts in employees mind and is good for employee engagement.

Employees doing well should be given path in career

Special attention should be given to employees who are doing more than expectation. A matured performance system can help you to find these employees.

You can refer my following blog post on matured performance management system to know how:

These employees are an asset to organization and organization do not want to loose them at this time. HR along with respective managers should define a career path for such employees and take action. Action speaks more than word. Technical and soft skills training should be organized to equip them for next role. Employee should be informed about their career growth.

Give challenge to employees

People give their best when they know that they are being tested. When you challenge people to do something then people give their best to prove that they are good in it. Give challenge to employees in work. Ask them to achieve more than normal. Speak with employees what challenging they would like to do and assign such task. Guide and mentor them to achieve it.

Floor activities and get to gather

Although floor activities and events do not create long lasting impact but do create short term good memories and these memories do help in engagement ( may be for short time). A get to gather is also a good idea. Organize a talent hunt show where employees can show their hidden talent and rewarded. Any step toward employee engagement in tough time is good.

Please do share your thoughts and suggestions.

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