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Employee Engagement core part of Employer Branding

#1. How we can do Employee engagement through recruitment?

First and foremost, the core responsibility of any recruiter or hiring manager is to hire the right person for the job. Likewise, the recruiter is also obliged to reflect on the exact job that he/she is hiring for. This includes: keeping job descriptions straightforward and realistic instead of using fancy words that can confuse the candidates. Be prepared for the interview the way any candidate is expected to be prepared for the interview. Stay aware of the candidature of the candidate instead of reading the resume at the time of the interview and asking questions. Prepare the right questions to ask during the interview process which will give fruitful results in determining whether the candidate is the right fit for the job or not, instead of asking questions that just come to the interviewer’s mind. Make sure the applicant’s career goals and passion are in line with the position because that will really engage the candidate and he/she would stay longer with the organization. Manage the hiring experience – keep them informed about the steps and status of the Interview.

Do not let the candidate have a bad experience on the very first day, like the interviewer or the hiring manager is not informed or available for the interview, or letting the candidate wait for longer hours than genuinely required or leaving them with the so-called HR statement, “We will get back to you”. All these simple experiences can either make or break an employer’s brand. Give the candidates genuine feedback that will help them develop for their future interviews.

Once the candidate is selected, the process of engagement needs to be taken to the next level. Send an email to welcome them. Have their manager give them a phone call or invite them to lunch to keep them informed about the organization’s culture and make sure that the candidate gets the same feeling once he is in that culture. Anyone of these small touches can help your new hire feel more prepared and excited for their first day, which sets the stage for increased engagement throughout their career.

#2. How we can do Employee Engagement onboarding?

Define offer to hire a connect program for each role. In today’s competitive world every organization is trying to hire the best talent and that makes the best candidate to be in demand. If the organization lacks the connection that must be established right from the moment the offer is rolled out there are great chances of losing out on the best candidate. Introduction with Hiring Manager and Seniors for warm welcome is crucial. New hire experience on Day 1 sets the stage, first impression does last long. Since the candidate would have experienced this day in various organizations throughout his/her career, he/she would compare this experience with his/her previous organizations. Use technology – avoid long paperwork on day 1, rather do that online before joining. Let the new hire have a Social Internal connect through floor walk or collaborating initiative, to make them familiar with the way of working.

Define 30-60-90 day connect with new hire or a 100 days SWOT analysis to make them familiar with Internal processes and in the interest of the organization as well to have feedback on their strengths, weaknesses, and other parameters that need betterment. Clearly define performance measurement goals so that new hire is well aware of what is required of him and what will he get back in terms of rewards, growth, and development if those standards are met, and that will effectively engage new joiner and develop a sense of motivation towards his/her job. Make the new hire feel belongingness to the organization and that would help in developing commitment towards the organization.

#3. Is there any other way of the virtual engaging sessions other than webinars?

There are ample no. of ways through which employees can be engaged even virtually, few of them are:

Online fun activities through web applications including –

  1. Kahoot .in


  3. Online Tambola

  4. Gibberish

  5. Face to face connect through facetime, MS Teams, Webex, zoom, etc

  6. Virtual social connect with the employee’s family; since everybody is working from home these days

  7. Virtual Lunch connect

  8. Virtual panel discussion

  9. Lunch demo of new products along with employees, let employees be brand ambassadors.

  10. Team up with other similar sponsors and launch a common session for the benefit of employees

  11. Weekly connect from the CEO to give a clear picture of the organization’s current position


Author/ Educator – Monika Marwah, University Hiring Leader Asia Pacific & Japan, NCR Corporation

Monika Marwah is a dynamic and customer-focused leader. An ardent proponent of mindfulness and empathetic workplaces, her work includes a passion for helping leaders and organisations enhance performance, innovation, and resilience through mindfulness and other practices grounded in neuroscience and technology.


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