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Do you think HR is a puppet in hands of management?

HR as Puppet

I don’t know how many HR professionals would like to answer this question. But I think, I should put it back in front of you once again and think through. I have no second opinion about this. HR is actually a puppet in hands of management. HR cannot do what they wish to do, if management do not support them.

This does not mean that management of every company is same. It is the mindset of top management which decides whether company will be HR friendly or not. HR of the company only takes management views ahead and implements the same.  Companies who understand value of human resource do take initiatives which helps in company growth. There is no doubt that today many companies have recognized the value of human resources hence the reason that HR is considered as business partners now.

HR participates in company future plans so that human resources of the company can be directed to achieve company’s short term and long term goals. HR plays its role in both good and bad time whether at the time of expansion of business or downsizing. HR has to ensure timely and right hiring when company is in expansion mode-HR Challenge-How to identify right fit for your company?- and should know its role at the time of downsizing-Role of HR- at the time of downsizing.

What Kind of company is likely to be HR friendly?

Companies which are owned by a single director (who is most likely to be owner of the company) are more expected to be less human friendly. It is up to one person who decides policy of company. Bad or good.

Companies with board of directors who are actively involved in company operations are more likely to be human friendly.

Well, I am not giving any formula to identify HR friendly companies but this what I have seen till date. Exceptions are always there.

What should HR do if management is not HR friendly?

If you going to ask me, I would say that company where top management is not HR friendly and do not understand value and power of human resources in today’s competitive world will not grow. There growth is limited to a certain extend. As a HR professional, I would never like to be part of such organization. Such management do not want HR professionals, they simply look for personnel department professionals who can take care of administrative part and should not go beyond that.

Even as an employee nobody wish to be part of such organization as there is no personal growth. It is the wish of top management what to do and how to do. No logic works. This kind of environment gives rise to office politics and people waste their time in showing other down rather than being productive.

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