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Changing Jobs?

We have all changed jobs and will come to career crossroads in future as well. Here are the top 10 questions to ask before making a career move.

1. Am I making a mere job change? Or is it a career progression in terms of a higher designation with a higher span of control, more challenging responsibilities with larger team handling? Is it a lateral move or a next level growth move in my career?

2. What are the further growth prospects and learning opportunities in the new role and organization?

3. By choice, am I making a move to an established/new setup, local organization or an MNC? Am I moving to a growing/stable/new industry? Will this move enhance the value of my resume? Check the brand name and its value, industry type and competition, players in it, size of the organization in terms of profitability, growth rate, headcount, your own team size and industry/ business sustainability in the long run or recession-like turbulent situation.

4. Who will be my new boss/manager? What is his/her background? Who are the seniors and leaders on the management team? Are these the one I would love to work with? Their background can be viewed on professional networking sites and details can be checked from your own network or other industry professionals.

5. What are the organization’s vision, mission, and values? How is the organizational culture? Does this match with your own beliefs and way of working? Is the organizational structure flat or does it have a long hierarchy with too many grades/bands? Where does your position stand in this structure? What are the designations used in the organization’s hierarchy in each grade/band? What decision-making powers and authorities come along with the new responsibilities and designation?

6. What are the compensation and benefits offered? Is it as per the market range specified by compensation surveys and the percentile you are looking for? What are the policies and practices on employee recognition, welfare, and facilities offered?

7. What are the latest systems, software, technology and processes used in the new organization?

8. What is the location of the new organization? Does this match your location preference (if you have any proximity criteria)? Where might the new role take you with a transfer situation in future? Is an international move possible (if you have the interest to move abroad)?

9. Does the new role match your interest, aspiration, motivation and long-term career goals?

10. Are you taking a long-term calculated risk with this career progression move?


Blog posted by our Advisory Panel Member – Mr. Rahul Jain

(Social Media Enthusiast HR Professional with diversified Industry and Experience in APAC Region)

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