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Celebrating 9 Powers within

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Navratri is the festival of celebrating the Nine Power of goddess Durga for Hinduism. As an Individual, we can also identify nine powers within ourselves and can celebrate our professionalism. The following diagram is my effort to elaborate nine powers of an Individual as a professional.

Let us discuss all Nine Powers in brief.


Every human being is an innovator in his/her distinctive method. The creation of Innovation is an undetachable characteristic within ourselves. As a Professional while working, we must find innovative ways to ease the work we are doing and to solve the problems surrounding us. Great innovators realize that they won’t know what ideas are great until they try them. They’re not afraid of bad ideas because they know that a good idea is usually close behind! To become an innovator, begin with the idea you have and be open to learning more.


The planner is the person who is meticulous with the details. The basic element is the creation of a plan. Planners develop a plan through the analysis of data and the identification of goals for the team. Planners help the team and its various groups identify their goals and form a particular vision. There are four types of planning:

  1. Operational Planning

  2. Strategic Planning

  3. Tactical Planning

  4. Contingency Planning


The promoter is responsible for demonstrating the features of a goal or target to people or teams. Promoter shows how the plan works, takes questions and attempts to persuade people or teams to follow the common goal. Having the skills of a promoter within ourselves is always an added advantage for a working professional and it gives an edge to be a good leader.


The most amazing power amongst all nine powers is of Connectors. Following the title, a Connector is the one who connects the team as one and gives full access to explore all the aspects of a common goal to achieve. It creates a strong relationship building within the team and a person with a Connector’s skills will always go ahead of others.


This power is mostly found in enthusiastic people, enjoying the role they play in helping others to achieve their goals. There are many qualities of a good mentor. to become a mentor, be enthusiastic, respectful to others, and get respect from others. Being a mentor, you have to pass the knowledge and experience to your colleagues or teammates. Share the information which is most helpful to achieve the common goal. A mentor is basically someone who loves to nurture talent.


This power is most required in any working professional. An Operator needs a setup to run. He or she is most resourceful if everything is properly planned and established. But To run a well-established system, you must be a good operator. Always follow the checklist and do the work on time or else the entire system will turn out to be a disaster.


The power of a negotiator is the main reason for your success. If you are eager to learn new things, if you are always impatient towards the process going on and want to improve yourself with the abilities you have or by instituting new abilities within yourself, then you are already holding the power of a negotiator. 


This is the most resourceful planning power of a professional. The banker is a person who banks only when there are chances of good return is forecast not limited to Money, Material, Manpower, or Machinery but ideas, concepts, or suggestions for improvements.


This power needs special care as Investing is a process of allocating resources, commonly money with the expectation of generating income of profit. There are 3 types of Investors – 

  1. Pre-Investor

  2. Passive Investor

  3. Active Investor

Investing all the resources with you to achieve a common goal is what defines this power. Sometimes, it turns out to be risky but you must be ready to take the risks of innovation, planning, promotion, connection, mentoring, operating, negotiating and banking of all your skills and abilities to reach a goal or target.

Let us celebrate Navratri this year by CELEBRATING THE NINE POWERS WITHIN

Author – Himanshu Desai, HR Professional, and Management Consultant, HR Prism Management Consultants / Content Strategist, HR SUCCESS TALK

A Human Resources professional skilled in HR Management, Organizational Development, Policy Formulation & Implementation, Talent Acquisition, Manpower Planning & Succession Planning, Training & Development, and Behavioral Competency Framework. His potential clientele includes some industry giants in India and abroad for implementing HR Projects and Management Concepts. He operates his knowledge-sharing business with his own firm HR Prism Management Consultants. He can be reached at or Cell No: +91 98795 78675.

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