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THERE IS NO GOING BACK! Prima facie, COVID-19 has entwined everyone to click that “BIG RESET” button. Our mindset evolved overnight equivocally; Plans, that needed an overhaul of restructuring, were executed within a few hours or days. This Pandemic taught us why we should ‘NEVER SAY NEVER’.


Undauntedly, PLACE AND THE MODUS OPERANDI changed for everyone. Unanticipatedly, only terms that remained quintessential were: VIRTUAL, ONLINE, WFH, TECHNOLOGY, CARE, EMPATHY, WELLNESS, and SAFETY. Organizations were worried; the impact was such that management had to move PEOPLE over NUMBERS in their priority list.

The balance was needed to take care of people and businesses to move from the SURVIVAL to the CONTINUITY phase. That’s where the world showed more reliance on HR. HR was the first to get identified as a CHANGE AGENT, best of the bets to COMMUNICATE, CONNECT, & COLLABORATE. From an admin expert to a strategic partner, HR played all intricate roles supremely; this yielded the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to HR to BREAK ALL THE MYTHS in & around their defined responsibilities. Unabashedly, I must quote that they performed superlatively well.

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”– Steve Wynn

As it is rightly said, “With great power comes great responsibility”. Responding to COVID-19, a few lessons HR learned are:

PEOPLE FIRST Personal safety, health, and wellbeing are paramount. With remote working, HR has redefined the way of connecting and caring.

COMMUNICATION It’s the key. DIGITAL connect is THE MEDIUM to collaborate. It’s not only THE BIG PICTURE that gets shared, but little things also get discussed and understood.

TECHNOLOGY It’s not an option but a necessity. VIRTUAL is the new REAL. Digital transformation is MANDATORY, and fortunately, this lesson has been learned and practiced truly well.

LEADERSHIP As a leader, the fraternity struck the right balance with poise. Zero tolerance on values and ethics, strategies are drawn are such that no component gets defiled.

REMOTE WORK HR has learned to adapt and change to accommodate the NEW NORMAL. Organizations are planning and investing in new operating models based on strong necessary foundations and flexible business strategies.

TIME Pace will be defined, not selected. If you are not in the 2nd phase of transformation already, you are running late.

REAL-TIME DATA It’s more crucial than ever. In times like this, it’s critical to have correct data points at the RIGHT time to take the BEST STRATEGIC DECISIONS.

SURVIVAL & CONTINUITY PLANNING No emergency will announce and hit. HR, now, is framing ADAPTABLE models. Planning is more SCENARIO based, and systems are getting prepared for the WORST to come. It’s always better to PREPARE than REPAIR.

EMPATHY Employees are anxious because of COVID-19 & NEW WAY OF WORK. Everybody’s routine got disrupted; HR moved from a GENERALIZED to a PERSONALIZED approach. Compassion is evidently visible and valued.

With these RESETS, HR today is much more robust, powerful, and strategic.

According to Darwinian Evolution Theory, ONLY THE FITTEST WILL SURVIVE. With fittest, we mean, systems have to be AGILE: flexible, adaptable, and adjustable. No defined contingency plans will help organizations deal with the unexpected. There is a massive responsibility for HR to drive and thrive in this crisis. A holistic approach has been adopted to CONNECT THE DOTS WELL; to LEAD BUSINESS & PEOPLE TOGETHER!

“The hardest challenge being an HR is that sometimes you have to be the LAWYER, the JUDGE, and the HANGMAN.”–Hassan Choughari



Blog Written by Dr. Ankita Singh Senior Vice President & Global Head of HR, IT, Travel & Admin CIGNEX Datamatics Email Id: Website: LinkedIn Link : :

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