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Aligning your HR Strategies for Business using HR Analytics- Overview


HR SUCCESS TALK is an 8 year old community of the HR, by the HR, for the HR, with over one hundred thousand members from different walks of life. We present to you a webinar on the prominent & striking subject “HR Strategies for Business using HR Analytics”

Introduction-HR Strategies for Business using HR Analytics

They say “Necessity is the mother of invention” and this aptly applies to HR Analytics as the invention and as businesses being data-driven being the necessity. As organisations become more & more in-focused, it is critical to ignore employee, a significant asset for every organisation. The simplest definition of HR analytics is “A process of collecting & analysing Human Resource data in order to improve an organization’s workforce performance”; though there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. HR Analytics has the potential to be the game-changer, as more & more organisations have been able to comprehend ever-lasting impact of HR Analytics. 

According to Bersin by Deloitte’s 2017 High-Impact People Analytics research, 69% of organisations with 10,000 employees or more now have a people analytics team.

HR Analytics is a cutting-edge tool that will have a far-reaching impact in the way Human Resource functions, currently and in the future. 


The scope of HR Analytics is immense and it ranges from Talent acquisition to Building Organizational Culture. HR Analytics is the way forward for all the organisations as it eliminates guesswork & hunches. HR Analytics will aid in driving business strategy, organisational goals, decision making, project management et al. 

Webinar Content 

This webinar takes you through some of the following significant areas:

  1. Evolution & Significance 

  2. Different tools used for HR Analytics,

  3. Ethics & Data Privacy 

  4. Skills & Competencies required to be an HR Analytics Professional   

About the speakers

Speakers for this webinar are a perfect blend of seasoned employees from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs and consultants. Rest assured you will be spellbound after listening to the dialogue. 

Webinar Highlights-Key Takeaway

  1. HR Analytics v/s People Analytics

  2. Prescriptive Analysis & Predictive Analysis

  3. HR Analytics & Business Values

  4. Future of HR & HR Analytics

  5. Fundamentals-HR Analytics Project 

  6. Decision-making basis HR Analytics

  7. GDPR, PDP & HR Analytics

  8. Use of People Analytics on Business

  9. Changes in the role of HR Professional

He has over 20+ years of enriching experience in various fields’ viz. Talking Yellow Pages, Banking, Telecom, IT, ITeS, and Manufacturing. He has been closely involved with facilitation, learning & development, performance management for over 18 years. His practical approach ensures that he understands and responds to the real pressures and issues faced by the management. His excellent communication skills help him to connect with the audience and vice-versa.

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