5 Things you should never say during your exit interview


Exit interviews is important process as well as good chance for an employee to get separate with the current employer on positive note to leave positive impact. When you quit a job, there’s a good chance HR will ask you to participate in an exit interview. People tend to have mixed feelings about these conversations. For some people exit interview is the good opportunity to be present their views and completely honest about their experiences with current employer and offer them critical and constructive feedback; while others argue it’s awkward and not worth the risk of burning bridges, as their criticism probably won’t inspire any significant changes and it can leave an negative impact.

But regardless of your attitude toward the exit interview, it’s imperative that you be cordial and professional. Here we are sharing some 5 tips you should never say in exit interview:

1. Never criticize your current employer in a negative manner:

DO not wish them by poor sayings like : “This place is a sinking ship.” ‘I hope this company dies a slow, painful death.’ If you are leaving on bad terms you may feel this deep inside, but using your outside voice to express this is a big no-no that will only serve to make you look petty and spiteful, and it’ll will say more about you than it does about the company.”

2. Do not blame others on past incidences: