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5 Special Ways To Celebrate Women’s Day in your Organization


Several research studies have demonstrated that women have raised their position and made a place in different sectors which has led to liberation and to live a better life. The dynamics of today’s environment has changed particularly because of women business leaders playing an important role in making the transition away from business as usual. Not only they are leading in managerial roles but also assuming personal responsibility for tackling issues concerning the organization. For women to lead and take charge in taking such responsibility they have to be capable of holding positions of power and influence in the organization.

The modern society has started recognizing the individual identity of women. Women who were the most dormant segment of the population have now become active participants in all walks of life. Till now, they were the only unit of the family organization. Now, women are becoming not only a significant unit of the society but also influencing the course of social change in society.

Let’s make lovely ladies happy by celebrating Women’s day in your organization:

Treat women with respect:

The best thing you can give a Women to make her happy anywhere is “Respect”. Remember this should not be only for one day make it as a practice in your organization.  This seems like it should be a super easy one. Don’t harass women about their looks, or whether they are smiling or not. Do speak up for women if you see that a woman’s being harassed. If your buddies make sandwich jokes on them, calmly explain to them why those are not respectful.

Make Them Feel Special:

On International Women’s Day, you can make them feel special once they enter the office. Greet every lady with a big smile and tell her how wonderful she is. We all need a bit of positive reinforcement to be our best and trust me this works a lot! You can also send an email to entire office and gift flowers and chocolates to all lovely ladies, after all, every lady like flowers and chocolates. Give special positive treatment whole day.

Provide Safe Working Environment:

Provide them a safe and healthy environment to work and grow. Giving flowers and chocolates is just a way to make them happy but if they are not having a secure feeling it doesn’t worth.  Crime against women on the rise is the crude wake up call for all us. It’s just not the sole concern of government, police but equally of us the citizens including organizations, workforce and instill a sense of security in women’s mind. It imposes several duties on an organization to provide a safe working environment for women and sets out a framework for compliance and disclosure.

Educate Them

You can conduct Self-defense workshop on Women’s Day this will also be a great gift for your female employees. The program includes techniques like escaping carjacking attempts, knowledge of weapons of opportunity, awareness in the streets, body language, etc. You can also include some fun activities in this program.

Health check-up and De – Stress Session:

Women, more so, are habitual of putting their health as the last priority. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, you can organize a special health check – ups session for women  This is much like returning the human touch the women themselves bring to the workplace and letting them know that ‘we care’. If you desire to do something to help ease out the stress and problems of your women employees, you can conduct a De-Stress session and call counsellor for a chat session with whom the women can share their problems and have an honest discussion.

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