4 Key Roles of a Manager from the Eyes of a New Hire

Updated: Oct 11

My manager represents the organization to me. It is true for every new joiner at any level or in any role. These are such powerful words that while at one end they do place a huge responsibility on managers. On the other hand, a significant opportunity to create the right experiences for the new joiners, which can ensure a solid connection with the organization at the right time, and one which has a huge influence on how they think of shaping their journey in it. A bond that at one end not only facilitates but accelerates performance but more importantly has a direct positive impact on employee retention.  

In these times of the pandemic, the role of the manager for a new joinee has been even more pivotal. Here are a few ingredients when added correctly and at just the right time, can be the recipe for an everlasting positive impression on a new joinee which further cements their bond with the organization.