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Why you need to create a fulfilling Experience for your new and existing employees during/post COVID

Whether you’re a small business or corporation, COVID – 19 has either changed the way you dealt with day to day business activities. Although work from home is easier for employees, saves time but has made the engagement a difficult process. With the world embracing this change and regarding it as the ‘the new normal’ has made businesses realize that some of the work can be completed from home, some partially from home and office and some businesses cannot function without working in-office. Slowly, the idea of a good job has also changed. Millennial employees no longer want a desk job. Millennials hate monotony and a dull work environment. Creating an enjoyable work environment is of prime importance. Looking at various workspaces, Google and Mindvalley, they teach us what an ideal work environment looks like. Recently, global personal growth platform Mindvalley had its Kuala Lumpur headquarters recognized by Inc. as one of the World’s Most Beautiful Offices 2019. But, how does it affect employees? With our conversation with Ms. Greta Kesa, Head of customer success at Mindvalley, she told us that they don’t have any ‘working hours’. Sounds weird right?

She told us that –

“here at Mindvalley we believe in nurturing our employees. Most of our meetings start post 11 AM. This allows them to have freedom and mornings to themselves. We keep reminding our teams of our purpose which keeps them going.”– Greta Kesa

We recommend that consider an employee as a startup. A start-up when nurtured properly can get you big valuations. Imagine a Startup; they don’t have everything figured out. They need guidance, support and constant attention in the beginning. Although when you add resources and coach them, they turn into amazing start-ups like BYJU’s or UBER. Similarly, when you nurture an employee, pay attention to their development and growth and be more human in your approach, employees will yield amazing results!

Provide your employees with variety of opportunities which allows to grow and develop as a person. With Millennials, Job hopping is a very big problem. This costs companies time, money and efforts. Allowing them different opportunities will help them in realizing their true potential and these opportunities will help you in retaining the best talents.

We know that the new normal doesn’t leave us with a lot of options other than being positive. We know that engagement is beyond trainings as was in the traditional world. Thus, it is more about unique partnerships and relationships that you develop with each and every employee. Every relationship is different from the other because every employee is different. Imagine that you live in a society where each person owns a house and has a say in how the society will be grown. If you as an organization are the developer of this property you need to know that your value without a great society is not truthful or enjoyable. Thus, focus on creating a beautiful experience for your employees. Nurture them because they play the most important role in creating an enjoyable society/work environment.

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Blog written by  Mr. Ashish Janiani Founder – Motivational Diaries For more details email at Website –

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