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Top 6 qualities a manager must possess

Good manager

Good managers are one of the greatest assets to any company.  It is very important for a manager to have certain qualities thru which they can contribute to an organization’s success and maximize the potential of their team members.

Good manager play a key role for employees & employer both, engaging and motivating individuals to achieve success, and inspiring them to follow the organization’s vision to maintain productivity conversely create win-win situation for both employee & employer.

People that naturally display these 6 attributes are sure to be effective and successful in managerial role.

1 Communicating Effectively

Managers who can communicate effectively can process information appropriately and then share it back to their teams clearly. Flow of communication should be frequent and effective through multiple channels (in-person, email, and phone) depending on the message and the audience, it strengthens the bond among team & lesser the chances to arise any conflict; it also helps for everyone to be on the same page.

Ensures team feel heard by asking open ended questions & acknowledge their view point, it helps to create two-way understanding among all.

2 Leadership qualities of managers

One of the key factors of an effective manager is the capability to take initiative. A good manager should always lead by example. If employees hear one thing from a manager and then see them doing something different then what they say create conflicting and also can be harmful to the work ethic of the complete department. A manager must have good understanding of the work process in order to lead the team and provide clear guidance for the desired outcome.

A good manager has to solve the problems of the team and prove his commitment towards the team goals. It’s also his responsibility to define goals together with his team and assign the responsibility to team members in a clear manner. He has a clear vision in what direction he wants the team to grow

3 Mentor of team

An effective manager is always keen to guide better ways of doing things. The best managers know when their employees need more progress and create a road map for them on basis of individual potential. A good manager identifies the potential in employees and helps to nurture them towards achieving their fullest potential within the organization.  .

They are also involved in mentoring employees and showcasing their capabilities to upper management of the organization so that they can grow within the organization.

4 Managing Priorities

A good manager has to provide clear objectives and milestones to achieve the goal. It is very essential for any good manager to prioritize multiple tasks and objectives to focus on what is important, also promoting a healthy sense of urgency in achieving objectives, good manager should also enable team members to identify and eliminate unnecessary tasks so that team can timely complete & achieve the objectives.

5 Motivation/ Reward & recognizing

Most employees want to feel appreciated, whether they’ll admit to it or not. It’s important to recognize and thank them for the contributions they have made that they may feel most proud of. A good manager is one who motivates employees to do the best at their job. This involves enabling employees by giving them responsibility and accountability for their work.

A good manager motivates their employees by rewarding them for exceptional work and ensures they have the resources and proper work environment to succeed.

6 Team building

One of the critical success factors of an effective manager is to keep his team intact. Conflicts within team is neither good for the team nor for manager. Manager is the center point of team and it is manager responsibility to ensure togetherness of team.

Managers need good diplomatic relationships with team. A healthy and successful team relies on trust to large extent,  If a manager systematically builds trust. For this manager should be natural and take decision for team based on data, policies and performance rather than his liking for an individual.

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