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Starting new journey with wordpress


Hi Friends,

I have been writing blog posts on various topics in HR on my blog post HR SUCCESS TALK. I have selected wordpress to write my future blog posts. Hope this platform will help all of you in better way.

Some of my popular old blog posts on HR topics are listed below:

How to Build mature performance management system without any automation software? -Part 1

Part 5- How to define Performance Rating scale and associating it with performance percentage?

Part 6- Five Essence of mature performance management system to make it successful.

Step by Step guide to set up HR Department in an organization

What is Buddy Program and how to design it?

13 facts one should know about Gratuity!!

How to make an Ideal Joining Kit?

PF Fundamentals everyone should know!!

17 interesting Facts about PF (Provident Fund) act in India!!

Launch of new HR Forum to discuss HR related queries.

Must to know about designing CTC-Cost to Company of an employee

How to design Leave Travel Assistance- LTA policy of your company?

FAQ related to Leave Travel Assistance

Insights of EDLI-Employee’s Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme

Frequently asked questions on Payment of Bonus Act, 1965, in India

What is Employee Compensation Act (Earlier known as Workmen Compensation Act)?

10 Facts you should know about Employee /  Workmen Compensation Act in India

12 Facts about Leaves and Holidays in India!!

8 common mistakes most of HR Professionals make!!

Do’s and Don’t while making or reviewing Company HR Policies

How to get best out of training programs conducted in your organization?

How to measure ROI (Return on Investment) of training programs in your organization?

How to design a suitable sales incentive policy for your company Sales force?

Various actions HR should take post performance evaluation of employees

How to design and implement PIP-Performance Improvement Plan policy?

6 Things to keep in mind while taking actions based on outcome of performance management system

How to use social media to hire talent for your company?

Mobile Recruitment- Next Generation Recruitment Tool

HR Challenge-How to identify right fit for your company?

Video Interview on Why Performance reviews don’t increase performance?

Effective On Boarding Process : Step By Step approach

3 Basic steps to do before candidate joining!!

7 Tips to increase possibility of candidate joining after offer made to him

4 Steps of robust Recruitment process

Do you think a HR Professional should have sale skills?

Hope I will keep helping HR fraternity by my blog posts in some way. Wish me luck.

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