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Smart Tips to Ask Your Boss For Big Salary Hike

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Asking for a big salary hike can be a delicate task for the unprepared. It requires explicate on your value to the company and placing yourself in the best light possible. When it comes to asking for hike, professional behaviour and a professional approach are key to gaining acceptance and approval, rather than dismissal and denial.

You could ask your boss for a hike right now, but if you launch that conversation without advance planning you’re likely to go down in flames. Here we are sharing 5 smart tips to ask your boss for big salary hike:


– Prepare in advance: Before the appraisal interview, think not only on what you have accomplished throughout the year, but also for the groundwork for future objectives. Ask and discuss with your manager or HR about the parameters you will be evaluated so you can prepare accordingly. Once you discuss then prepare and present your accomplishments based on their relevance in order to make a strong base.

– Communicate Positively: If you are prepared beforehand well and can present your things easily, then no need to worry. But if there have times when you have to meet deadlines and in case you missed or a target not met, then you need to be honest about what went right or wrong. Don’t be defensive. Even if you don’t like the feedback of your manager accept it positively. A well informed employee who is willing to take responsibility of his / her work exhibits professionalism and is more likely to be consider for genuine hike.

– Speak in the interest of the company: Once you are in position to as k for hike , you need to prove that you have been an asset for the company. An employee who presents an understanding of the employer’s point of view will come across as reliable and deserving for the raise.


– Do not use a negative approach: Do not approach the discussion in a defensive or uncooperative tone. The word and body language you use to convey wants are essential to having a successful conversation with your manager.

– Do not compare yourself with colleagues: Your employer is aware of everyone’s performance and wants to hear from you why you deserve the raise. Do not compare yourself to another colleague to justify your raise. If you believe you deserve a hike you need to prove why, showcase your achievements and demonstrate your managers that you are deserved.

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