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Leadership Rebooted

ABBS, Bangalore hosted an insightful panel discussion on November 05, 2022, organized by HR SUCCESS TALK.

The panel had Ms. A Annapurna, Head of HR & Admin (India, South Asia & Dubai) and Head – Global Talent Acquisition- FIME, Ms. Nicola Varghese, Vice President HR Business Partnering - Generale Global Solution Centre, Mr. Vinay Trivedi, Global Head HR, Admin & Travel – TerraPay, Mr. Nigel John, Head of Talent Acquisition - Withumsmith & Brown LLP, Mr. Anand Arora Assistant Vice President Human Resources - Landmark Group and was moderated by Mr. Arun Chatterjee, Manager- HR Business Partner at Quess Corp Ltd. The key topic around which the panel discussion revolved was LEADERSHIP REBOOTED. The discussion grasped the attention of all the people present over there as its focus was revolving around Pre-COVID and Post-COVID practices in HR department of various firms, the difference in perception, the difference in oneness and the feeling of being connected.

The questions that were discussed by the panelists were regarding Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Outbreaks, Critical thinking & Analysis, Importance of Emotional Intelligence in the field of HR, Intrinsic Motivation & its impact in this Era, Tech infusion & Upskiling, Hybrid Workforce Models, Decency quotient to which our panelists very patiently gave up their advice, tips and guidance through their work culture, practices and experience they have acquired from over a period of time.

The discussions concluded with learnings like Embracing EQ, Empathy, Communication, Interest, Enthusiasm, Passion, Compassion, Resilience, Internal Motivation, Upgrading, Adaptability and the concepts of LEARN, UNLEARN & RELEARN as well as YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH and gave a lesson that YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU FEEL ABOUT YOURSELF BUT YOU ARE WHAT YOU MAKE OTHERS FEEL ABOUT THEMSELVES.

Do watch the discussion for more learnings

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