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Importance of Effective Email Advertising in HR

“When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar”.

These were the famous words of David Ogilvy, the “Father of Advertising” which have left a mark on me on the importance, relevance, and power of email advertising irrespective of the industry or individual utilizing it to achieve the defined goals. But the bigger question is – how does it help in the HR context, especially when it comes to communicating, engaging, interacting with your stakeholders.

I firmly believe that communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. So, in the practical sense, if you can explain your message to a child, that for me is communication. And I am not even speaking about its effectiveness or efficiency. It is all about enabling honest and continual conversations which may be multi-directional, but which essentially aligns the stakeholder with the organizational priorities and desired outcomes.

Let me simplify it further and tell you how to use it effectively in Employee Communication. 

#1. The Email Subject Is Like Telegram

Remember the olden days when one line in the Telegram defined the next course of action. This is exactly what we need to do when it comes to employee communication. Please make the subject interesting and engaging so that it encourages the reader to open your mail. It ensures that your Click Through Rate is high, thus increasing the possibility of the stakeholder reading your mail. 

#2. Make Your Content Palatable and Snackable

Gone are the days when we set the foundation, context and then gave “Gyan” to the stakeholder. Today with limited time, the consumer is spoilt for choice and byte size consumption, make your content palatable and likable. Social media has further disrupted the engagement quotient with impressions based on 2-second viewership. 

Ensure that your audience segmented, and customized communication is crucial coz no longer the “one size fits all” strategy works. 

#3. The Discoverability Quotient Must Be High

My grandmother used to tell me stories but always kept the discovery quotient high. She kept nudging me during the storytelling session and asked me questions, raising my curiosity, and engaging me without me realizing it. Employee communication is all about navigating the conversation, building trust, nudging the individual, and leading to the desired outcome. 

#4. Define your CTA (Call to Action)

But all efforts may go haywire if you don’t know what you want your consumers to do. So while you are drafting your communication, keep your focus did and define the CTA for your consumer.

Last but not the least, remember, the communication hook must be so strong that you attract, engage, and retain your consumer consistently coz it takes months to find a consumer, seconds to lose one.


An experienced Communication professional with hands-on experience in internal, external, and digital communications. A storyteller at heart and a consistent learner. A strong believer in storytelling is the most powerful way of seeding ideas and creating an impact in the minds of the stakeholders. 


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