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How HR in IT Industry is different from HR in other industries in India?

Ankit Verma

Ankit Verma is a Management Graduate,  Thomas Profiling PPA Certified,  6+ years of experience in Human Resource, Currently working with BOLD Technology Systems Pvt. Ltd. as HR Business Partner having expertise in Talent Management. Today he’s  sharing his views on “How HR in IT Industry is different from HR in other industries in India”

HR performance in other organisations is measured by how HR contributed directly to the success of the business, the expectations and understanding of the stakeholders is that HR will also continue to fulfil traditional roles and administrative roles. So it is not one role of HR in lieu of the other, it is all-encompassing.

HR’s role continues to be critical in the technology industry, especially in the R&D environment where the success or lack of success is directly attributed to talent. What matters to the success of the business is the retention of top talent that is actually bringing differentiation to the products and contributing to most of the innovation. It is all about business performance, and HR like any other function must work directly towards the success of the business. It is not about the change in performance metrics, it is all about the change in mindset.

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