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Fix the Roots Not The Fruits

Low Employee Engagement is not a problem but a side-effect of a much bigger issue. For example, if you have pain in your tooth, then taking a pain-killer will bring temporary relief. But we all know that the problem is something else. If we just continue to take pain-killer and feel that we are well now, then sooner or later, the problem will get worse. Similarly, if we only continue to focus on fixing Low Employee Engagement, then sooner or later, the problem will get worse because the real problem is somewhere else.

Low Employee Engagement happens because the employees lack the attitude of Ownership and Responsibility. They lack this attitude because they experience a lack of Empowerment.

In other words, it is the Culture of the organization that is directly responsible for Low Employee Engagement. Not only this, but you will also experience Low Retention, High Attrition, Office Politics, Gender Inequality, Bullying, Harassment, and many such challenges. All these bad fruits arising from the same defective roots – Undesirable Organisation Culture.

Is there an Emotionally Intelligent way to solve this?

Yes, there is.

If the company is stable and the employee feels secure, then every employee desires to Grow and Contribute. Without a clear alignment and sense of purpose, they feel lost. This impacts their Self-Motivation, Empathy, and Social Skills; which are the building blocks of Emotional Intelligence. Therefore, when we align them properly, their Self-Motivation and Empathy goes up, which enhances their Emotional Intelligence and they take more Ownership and Responsibility.

By creating a Culture of Empowerment, you can not only improve Employee Engagement but also address other challenges. This approach has been tested by some of our clients and the results were surprising. We have created a framework called Invisible Leadership if you wish to explore…


Author / Educator – Sachin Sharma, Author | Managing Director, Wuji International

I’m passionate about Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Development. I’ve created an Organisation Culture Development Framework called Invisible Leadership. It addresses complex HR challenges by application of Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence. Challenges such as High Attrition, Low Retention, Office Politics, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Inequality, Bullying & Harassment, Low Employee Engagement, Good to Great Leadership Journey, and so on..  At Wuji International, our team is passionate about solving such challenges, mindfully.


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