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Every Day is a Human Resource Professional Day

A Human Resource Professional is also a Human Being.

He is an equivalent of a shock absorber in a vehicle. It bears the weight/pressure of the vehicle and saves the traveler in the vehicle from the jerks caused by uneven roads and pot holes in the roads. HR itself bears the brunt from top and bottom, without uttering any sigh. And there is no vent to release its own pressure except on the wives and children in their respective families.

“Jo taar se nikli hai, vo dhun sabne suni hai Jo saaz pe guzri hai, vo kis dil ko pata hai.”

As HR Professionals, we have to start our actions right from pre-natal to natal to post natal activities. Taking care of employees’ existential requirements, training and education, followed by growth, followed by mental and physical care to sickness mending and to the ultimate separation by way of retirement or otherwise.

As HR professionals, we do teamwork, we communicate and listen, we help, we respect, we do friendship, we do punctuality and laughter, we do cake and coffee, we do motivation, we do great things, we are Human Resource Professionals. Along the journey, we are often labeled as doing nothing. HR has hardly anything to do, except organizing birthday celebrations, employee get-togethers, doing some recruitments and some sundry activities. And ….. if anything goes wrong in terms of employee relations or missing production/sales targets, HR gets a major chunk of the blame. In such a scenario, the first casualty is HR.

A word of caution for the HR Fraternity – HR has not so far got a seat on the Board Table, though the fight is going on. HR today is business. HR has also to understand and accept that Business Organisations exist for profit. HR for the sake of HR has no meaning. HR has to support business goals. Every HR Manager has to act like a business manager, only then HR can find a place on the Board of Directors.

Blog Post by: Mr P.K. Gupta

Corporate Head – Human Resource

Texcorp Ltd.

Advisory Member – HR SUCCESS TALK

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