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Engaging your Workforce All – Time (COVID or Non COVID)


Engaging your Workforce

All – Time (COVID or Non COVID)

September 12, 2020 (Saturday)

1100 hrs to 1230 hrs

“Do your employees feel a profound connection to their workplace? According to several research studies, the answer is, “probably not.” That means your employees are peddling the wheels on a stationary bike in order to get a paycheck, and they aren’t taking your organization to the next level.

Employee engagement is about fully absorbed employees, who are enthusiastic about achieving their goals, and consistently take action to further the organization. Businesses that focus on engagement are outperforming competitors who don’t.

But do you know Why? Because it’s hard to get started, and engagement seems elusive.

Join our Webinar on “Engaging Your Workforce All-Time (COVID or NON COVID)” with the experience of multiple Industry Leaders.

There’s no Registration Fee.

Wish you a Happy Learning

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