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Prime Group of Companies
Winner of Global Business Excellence Awards 2022

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Winning Story

"Failures must not be a Hindrance” as she likes to quote, Dr Mary Jane Alvero - Al Mahadi, is a multi-diverse CEO with more than 30 years of experience in building exemplary business strategy in achieving due diligence across corporate governance, global markets and identifying potential global markets within different business organisations. With an outstanding Philosophy background in Business Management, her success as the CEO of Prime Group of companies has captured business ventures with more than 40 stakeholders and empowered thousands in achieving success. Her exemplary effort in helping Prime Group and its employees from economic collapse during the Covid-19 Pandemic as well as achieving more than 1Million Dirham’s profits is extraordinary.

Mary Jane isn’t just a master in business philosophy but even her dress code has got her an award, she has thrived and received various awards including, the Thriving Hijab Award for Community Leadership in (2022), Woman of Stature Global awards in (2022), 15 Exemplary Woman Award 2022,  and yes Top 50 Global Inspirational Women to Look out for in 2022."


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Congratulations to you on winning the award and thanks for your contribution.

You have made substantial impact. I wish you best of luck!!!!

Govind Singh Negi, Founder, HR SUCCESS TALK

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