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Matyaj started its journey as a Corporate Gifting and Procurement Company with a vision to help companies reduce there attrition rate, create happiness for there team members and share a total different gifting experience.

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Our Story

Gifting to Employees in corporate world is an appreciation in kind which indirectly helps in boosting up the productivity.

Some of the High Demand Customized Kits of Matyaj:
- Joining / Welcome Kit
- Bday Kit
- Anniversary Kit
- Health Kit
- Womens' Day Kit
- Mothers' Day Kit
- Diwali Gifting
- Festival Kits
- Eco Friendly Kit
- Annual Day Giftings
- Get Well Soon Gifts

Matyaj Logistic Services
- We have got 20+ Bikes around Delhi NCR for by hand delivery with selfie.
- We have partnered with various Logistic companies for end to end delivert solutions.

We aim to support changemakers (both individuals and businesses) making a meaningful difference to the world around them.

We are not only limited to deliver environmentally sustainable products, We to create an ecosystem that encourages and galvanize positive change in the world.

What underpins Matyaj is the notion that we all have immense power to positively grow our environment through the ideas, organizations, and people we choose to support.

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