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Dr. Mary Jane Alvero - Al Mahdi
Group CEO, Prime Group of Companies
Winner of Global Women Excellence Awards 2022

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Winning Story

Mary Jane Alvero Al-Mahdi, is a multi-award top executive with a keen eye for developing sustainable business value and realizing growth opportunities into reality, Mary Jane has shown exemplary cross-unit expertise in the areas of corporate governance. With exceptional entrepreneurial expertise, Mary Jane was able to expand the Group’s foothold not only in the UAE but to several countries including Japan, India and the Philippines with 6 international offices and facilities, allowing the company to operate locally as well as globally.


Under her leadership, Prime Group has empowered over 10,000 organizations to achieve competitive advantage and achieve operating efficiency, cost reductions, increase in revenue, enhancing safety standards and minimizing exposure to risk throughout their value chain. Mary has received several accolades and awards during her career; including most recently - She was a finalist for Women in Construction at the Women of Stature Global Awards 2022.  


Congratulations to you on winning the award and thanks for your contribution.


You have made substantial impact. I wish you best of luck!!!!

Govind Singh Negi, Founder, HR SUCCESS TALK

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