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Bridging the gap between Industry and Academia

In the year 2022, we wish to take the vision of HR SUCCESS TALK to students and that is the reason we are collaborating with colleges and universities across the globe in various ways. Our objective is to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia.

College Students

Some examples of such collaboration are in HR conferences, Guest speakers, and Industry visits.

Placement of your students

  • HR SUCCESS TALK has a wide network of CHROs and key decision-makers for fresher hiring

  • When the right time comes, HR SUCCESS TALK can share your needs for fresher hiring with our network and they can do a campus drive in your college

  • This has helped many colleges/ universities in the past where we have supported them to place thousands of students already

National and International Guest Speakers

  • HR SUCCESS TALK has a wide network of speakers across the globe. In case you are looking for some key speakers for your events and guest lectures you can reach out to us and we can support you in this

  • We can also support international speakers whom you can later leverage to place your student abroad

  • These speaking opportunities can be online or in person depending on your needs

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Industry Visits
  • HR SUCCESS TALK provides a platform to help colleges organize industry visits for students to enable students to gain first-hand experience and insight into the working of a particular industry

  • We help the colleges to visit various industries such as manufacturing, finance, IT, healthcare, hospitality, etc

  • We ensure that the visits are engaging and informative, with plenty of opportunities for students to interact with industry professionals

  • The visits help to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge acquired in college and the practical knowledge required to succeed in the industry

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College Collaboration in HR Conference (As Venue Partner)

In College Auditorium

  • College must provide the auditorium, and IT Infrastructure for the HR Conference to happen. Also, tea/coffee and lunch for our delegates (Speakers, Volunteers, and guests)

  • HR SUCCESS TALK will brand the college as a venue partner

  • College can leverage our audience who are HR and Business Leaders for the placement of their students, guest speakers, or internship opportunities

In a Venue outside the College (Hotel)

  • Working as a knowledge partner

  • Bringing Speakers

  • Bringing Delegates

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 Informal Industry Connects

  • HR SUCCESS TALK can support connecting colleges/ universities informally through various ways


  • GALA DINNERS with Head HRs

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Entrepreneurship Connects

  • HR SUCCESS TALK can support connecting with Entrepreneurs through various ways

  • Supporting connections with entrepreneurs to nurture entrepreneurial spirit among students.

Our collaboration is intended to be non-commercial and non-exclusive, aimed at mutual benefit and the holistic development of students.
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